M & A seems to be the norm, and LED sings "the warmer"
Source: Date:2018-08-07

What the LED industry didn't think of this week was that CREE was going to sell Wolfspeed $850 million to Infineon. Why didn't you think about it? Because CREE was preparing to sell Wolfspeed on its own, and was ready to sell a part of the Department, which was called a large portion of the revenue. It seems that the news of the merger and acquisition in the LED industry seems to have been tired, and the number of millions of acquisitions is basically the more and more of the week. This week, in addition to today's CREE, there is an electronic 300 million to buy thousands of lighting. Put aside the confirmed acquisition case, I heard that the bid of Wan run technology buoyant also floated, and bought OSRAM lighting. And he also carried electricity and Zhuang into the overseas market. In addition to mergers and acquisitions, enterprises are similar to their own expansion of the layout. This week Hongli automobile project started new layout, music audio, joint construction, Mao Shuo power supply also has new action. Compared to the companies that are spending money to buy business, the company that yader bought has been making money, and JINDA lighting again won the 256 million PPP project, and it's also considered a fruit of the flower, which is worth celebrating. See leyad subsidiary winning the bid, and then look at Lehman, sun, Abison, faraway, Buddha and the other 8 LED companies in the first half of the year to earn how much. According to these 13 performance forecasts, 10 are floating red, to achieve a substantial growth, this is not the LED industry has been warm? This, both the LED leading enterprises and foreign capital have expressed a good view of the LED after the market. The announcement of the 13 LED enterprise performance forecast, the display enterprise full red, which is benefited from the small space break out of the new machine. When the industry "reheating" was sings again, the price of LED package in China fell in June and the price of LED bulb in the world was steady, which was undoubtedly a dose of heart. However, in recent years, the "warm song" seems to play a bit more frequently, so that the LED people do not dare to believe that the price of LED will still fall. Perhaps the price of LED will continue to decline, but the market penetration is also increasing, which makes the competitiveness of large-scale enterprises increasingly prominent, but the layout of the emerging foreign markets, which may be related to the layout of each enterprise. But the layout of the emerging markets should not be late, according to data, the 2016 India LED lighting market will reach 7 billion 620 million, an increase of 47.1% annually. At the same time, the customs data show that the total amount of LED exports in May was slightly lower, but the volume increased over the same period. LED seems to have a preference for foreign emerging markets, but the quality problem is still worrying. In the near future, the quality news of the foreign market is that Australia recalled ARLEC brand Chinese handheld charging lamp, while the domestic industry and Commerce Bureau of Shanghai industry and commerce to the LED lamp test result is 26.1% unqualified rate. Perhaps because of the quality of the domestic LED, the United States has adopted a more stringent implementation of the safety declaration of importers. In the end, a rumor was rumored that the recent music vision and Vizio were the result of the LED plant's concern about the long-term shuffling of domestic mergers and acquisitions to the LED industry. Just let LED factory unexpected is, the next day music network clarification of the acquisition of television manufacturer Vizio rumors.

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