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Taiwan labor disputes start again, LED factory employees go to the streets to protest for the dispatch.

Hua LED, a factory in Taiwan, moved its factory building in Taoyuan to Hukou, Hsinchu. More than twenty employees were unable to cooperate with the factory because of family factors, but the company was unwilling to propose a plan for the assignment. Several mediation failed. Today they went to the

The demand for LED lighting in Germany has surged, and Malaysia has taken the lead.

According to statistics from Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Corporation (Matrade), Malaysia's LED lighting industry in 2013 achieved a huge leap in German exports, rising from 35.4% US $3 million 900 thousand in 2008 to US $139 million in 2013.Europe's growing demand for energy conservation and

Yulin Market: LED lights and energy-saving lamps evenly share the world.

Yulin metropolitan lighting market has completed the replacement of incandescent lamps ahead of schedule, and LED lights have become the rising stars after the energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamps, once widely known, have disappeared from people's vision.Incandescent lamp delisting is the general

Last year, Zhongshan Ancient Town lighting infringement cases accounted for nearly 40% of the whole province.

In January this year, Zhongshan Ancient Town became a national demonstration base for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, and it is one of the 6 demonstration bases in the province. The intellectual property rights center of Zhongshan (lighting) has handled more than 500 cases of infringe

High temperature intolerable, Guangxi Qinzhou LED screen "heat stroke" spontaneous combustion

Recently, many places in Guangxi continue to have high temperatures for a long time. On the 18 day, a large billboard caught fire near a commercial plaza in Qinzhou, Guangxi. Fortunately, there were no casualties.At 21:11, the Qinnan squadron arrived at the scene. It was learned from the feedback fr

Thailand coup has no real threat to Taiwan LED manufacturers

After the Thailand military declared martial law, it launched a coup yesterday. As a whole, there is no real threat and influence to Taiwanese Taiwanese investment and Taiwan and Thai Import and export trade, but it needs further observation.Investors in Thailand have also implemented contingency me

The floods hit the PRD, and Dongguan LED business was "ruined".

Since May, the rainfall in Guangdong has been frequent. 20 consecutive days of heavy rain have caused floods in some areas of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and Zengcheng, and some areas have accumulated 2 meters of water. Hundreds of factories in Dongguan, Tangxia, Zhangmutou, Fenggang and

Guangdong's LED output value reached 281 billion 100 million in 2013.

In May 27th, we learned from the provincial science and technology department that as of now, 4 cities such as Dongguan have already completed the transformation task of street lighting and other LED lighting products.According to the provincial government's deployment in May 2012, the 9 cities in t

Domestic LED market expands greatly, Ningbo lighting enterprises compete for business opportunities

As we all know, Ningbo is a well-known place for the production of lamps and lanterns. In LED lighting, Ningbo also owns more than 1100 finished products or accessories enterprises, and LED products of some large enterprises are mature in technology and reliable in quality.But for a long time, the p

LED street lighting saves more than 10000 kilowatt hours per day at Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway.

June 10th is the second national low carbon day. Guangdong Communications Group has announced that since last year's Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway completed the LED energy saving transformation, the entire line has been saving electricity by about 4 million 800 thousand degrees a year, which is equi

LED shuffle tide sample: Ningbo globe optoelectronics is coming up.

According to the latest news of the press, as a typical photoelectric enterprise in Ningbo, where LED lighting industry is concentrated, Ningbo Global Investment Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Yu Su Pu") has been deeply involved in debt crisis recently."In fact, in recent years, becau

By the end of June, Hubei Baokang County LED street lamp full coverage.

By the end of June, all the high voltage sodium lamps in Baokang County will be replaced by LED street lamps. The main street of Baokang city has 833 street lamps, all of which are high pressure sodium lamps with a power of 450 watts per unit, which belongs to high energy consumption street lamps. T

China's first LED zoom tube lamp appears in Foshan.

In June 17th, by the Foshan lighting industry association and other units jointly organized the Foshan industrial design exchange conference in 2014, the first LED zoom light lamp was unveiled.At the meeting, the first domestic LED zoom down lamp developed by Foshan kayo Lighting Co., Ltd. was unvei

Russian government energy efficiency plan to develop LED lighting market opportunity

The energy efficiency plan initiated by the Russian government has led to LED business opportunities. In 2013, LED grew significantly in the Russian lighting market. The plan aims to increase energy efficiency of lighting products by 2020, while reducing energy consumption per unit of gross domestic

Seoul Metro and shopping malls will use LED lights and run-up energy self-sufficiency plan.

Nuclear power has always been a major issue in the world. Since Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, neighboring countries have paid more attention to the importance of nuclear energy safety. In the South Korean capital of Seoul, in 2011, the One Less Nuclear Power Plant was launched, hoping to achie

5 million 100 thousand, Sichuan Yibin auction LED display outdoor advertising.

Recently, the outdoor advertising booth of the first LED electronic display in Yibin, Sichuan was successfully auctioned. After several bidding, the bidders finally took this advertising booth at 5 million 100 thousand yuan.The auction of LED electronic display advertising, located in Tsui Ping Dist

Jiangmen LED industry wants to reverse industrial design

Dynamic LED industry continues to maintain 20% rapid growthThis year, the development momentum of the "Jiangmen plate" is still strong. Data show that from 1 to May this year, the total industrial output value of LED industry in Jiangmen reached 9 billion 416 million yuan, up 20.3% over the same per

Guangzhou Luogang will replace 23 thousand LED street lights enabled IOT intelligent management

If the government does not spend a penny, the lighting quality will be increased by 10%-30%, with an average energy saving of over 55%, and electricity saving of 2 million 850 thousand yuan per year. Recently, the Luogang District CPPCC held a "look back" on the proposal to accelerate the applicatio

Su will spend 40 million yuan to transform urban lighting and install thousands of LED street lamps.

At present, there are 88 thousand street lamps in Suzhou. With the continuous development of the city, this number is increasing year by year. Suzhou City finances special funds for urban lighting facilities construction, maintenance and upgrading every year.In 2014, the special funds for urban ligh

Has China made LED bulbs stolen in North Korea?

According to foreign media reported on July 14th, more and more Koreans are buying Chinese made LED bulbs recently. Although LED bulbs are expensive, compared with traditional incandescent lamps, LED has high lighting efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect, which is undoubtedly the best choi

Good news! Jiangmen LED enterprises can declare special funds for industrial development.

Jiangmen LED enterprises pay attention to it. If there are any major industrial projects, key technologies and common technology research and development, major new products and new technology research and development, public platform construction (including e-commerce platform, logistics platform,

Macao Department of civil service LED energy saving

The Macao General Administration of Civil Affairs launched the LED energy saving plan at the park and rest area in early 2013, with the desired effect, reducing electricity consumption and maintenance resources.Since the management facilities of the Department are numerous and scattered, considering

Us releases LED and OLED research fund plan 2015

The US Energy Agency (DOE) will announce the formal fiscal plan for the 2015 fiscal year on the small business innovation research program (SBIR) and the small enterprise technology transfer (STTR) program in August 11, 2014. The agency said that material centric research in the field of LED and OLE

Jiangsu Suzhou 40 million yuan transformation of urban lighting

This year, the special funds for urban lighting in Jiangsu Suzhou Finance Bureau are expected to exceed 40 million yuan, mainly involving the transformation of lighting facilities in urban roads and new villages, renovation of lighting facilities in old villages, energy saving renovation of lighting


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