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Xiamen is tightening up the innovation of "nose", the five countermeasures to create 100 billion photoelectric industry group

As a national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base, Xiamen, since its strategic goal of cultivating optoelectronic industry in 2004, has adhered to the "five innovations" and has achieved a trillion optical industrial clusters.In 2013, the total output value of Xiamen's photoele

Jiangsu market LED lights 70% electromagnetic compatibility is not qualified

Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau released the quality analysis report of LED lighting products and energy-saving lamps in the first quarter of 2014. The pass rate of 103 batches of LED lamps was 60.2%, and the qualified rate of 50 batches of products sold on the market was only 30%, and there were

Chongqing taxi LED screen is now "Wulong gate". Taiwan LED becomes a drug trafficker "accomplice".

LED, the top high-tech halo, is increasingly popular among consumers. It is common to see the truth of the LED screen or decorate the festival atmosphere with LED lighting. However, the LED news below makes people laugh and cry, and even criminals are eyeing this high-tech gadget.Chongqing taxi LED

Thailand intends to intervene in LED lamp price

The State Power Supply Bureau of Thailand revealed that the negative growth of electricity consumption in the first 4 months of this year is 1%, which is consistent with the current economic situation. If the political situation is to calm down in the near future, the number of domestic electricity

The transformation of Zhejiang's export trade has accelerated, and export unit price has been rising rapidly.

Since the beginning of this year, statistics in various fields show that China's foreign trade growth is slowing down, and Zhejiang's big foreign trade province is no exception. Behind the slowdown, is it a sign that our competitiveness in foreign trade is weakening? Traditional foreign trade enterp

Seize the energy-saving lamps and promote the "tail".

Harbin has launched the use of "financial subsidies for efficient lighting products" this year. From now until the end of 8, the urban and rural residents in Harbin can use their ID cards to promote fixed outlets in high-efficiency lighting products at the price of 50%. The purchase of bulk users ca

Tall: Fujian police distribute LED shoulder lamp night patrol.

Some city management bought Google glasses patrol, and became the focus of public attention for a while. Today, Fujian police deployed LED shoulder lamp night patrol, causing a sensation.Since May 15th, the Pukou police station in Lianjiang County Public Security Bureau has distributed the police sh

Canton Tower will cost tens of millions of yuan to add LED "new makeup".

As the Guangzhou business card, the Canton Tower nightscape lights will be transformed. After nearly 4 and a half years' use of the Canton Tower nightscape lighting system, local renovation will be carried out for the first time to increase the LED lamp beads to enhance the performance of the nights

People's Tucao LED street lights are a little colder.

Mr. Hung said that in recent years, LED street lamps have been launched outside many shopping malls and office buildings in Longgang central city of Shenzhen, but most of them are white. Although the white LED street lamps are bright, they are not soft enough. From the angle of driving and pedestria

Xiamen: by the end of 2016, public institutions will complete 520 thousand LED lighting transformation.

Xiamen encourages the use of contract energy management to carry out energy saving transformation. By the end of 2016, LED lighting products are widely used by public institutions in the city. On the 12 day, the Xiamen public institution LED lighting special energy saving transformation policy semin

LED lighting is coming: Russia will increase imports.

Russia's business consulting website reported on June 16th that the Russian LED luminaire Market survey launched by express commentary pointed out that over the past 3 years, the Russian LED luminaire Market has doubled over the past year. The driving factor of market growth is not only the increase

Britain and Liverpool have invested huge sums of money in changing LED street lights, and Cree is in favor.

13 foreign media reported that the British city of Liverpool has decided to spend 7 million pounds in the next 2 years to replace the existing orange light street light to a brighter LED energy-saving lamp. Joe Anderson, mayor of Liverpool, said that LED lighting can improve the brightness of lighti

将暂停l奖led par38灯项目评比 美能源署 (doe)

The US energy department (DOE) has recently announced the suspension of the LED PAR 38 lamp for the purpose of replacing the halogen bulbs in the L award. This is the second time that the 38 PAR lamp has been suspended. The US Department of energy has revised some of its request options for the L aw

Tianjin to transform street lighting main road brightness increased by 30%

According to the work plan of comprehensive renovation of city appearance and environment, the city street lamp management department has fully started the improvement of urban street lighting facilities.In recent days, the street lamp management office has decorated the 935 basic lampposts of 8 mai

Taiwan compulsory inspection of LED bulbs since July

The standard Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan announced today that the mandatory inspection of LED bulbs will be carried out in July. If it is sold without inspection and verified, it will be fined more than NT $200 thousand or less than 2 million yuan. In recent years

Canton Tower will transform nightscape lighting, and LED bulbs should resist 8 winds.

Canton Tower is a landmark building in Guangzhou. The night lighting of Canton Tower is also one of the most attractive attractions in Guangzhou night. Yesterday, reporters from the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Commission official micro-blog learned that the Guangzhou new TV Tower Construction C

Huizhou street lights enter the LED era and save more than 50% of electricity in the year.

In July 4th, street lamp installers worked on Huizhou Avenue, replacing street lamp posts and installing a new LED street lamp. According to the city lighting management office, except for the Huizhou Avenue section being replaced, Huizhou has basically completed the LED street lamp replacement work

Energy Star LED bulbs sell more than 45 million annual sales.

The energy star website recently revealed that in the first challenge launched by the EPA, the energy star certified LED bulbs sold more than 20 million. Replacing such a huge amount of traditional bulbs will help us save more than $118 million in energy costs every year and reduce greenhouse gas em

"Made in Guangdong" brand lamps were detected unqualified.

Shaanxi quality and Technology Supervision Bureau announced in July 7th the 2 quarter of 2014, general lighting self ballast fluorescent lamp product quality supervision and spot check results, 9 batches of samples do not meet the standard requirements, involving Zhan Wang lighting, Zhenguan lightin

Puyang county approved to build Henan LED light quality inspection center

In July 13th, the reporter learned from Puyang county that the Henan provincial LED lamp quality supervision and inspection center was approved by the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. The approval of the project marks the first Puyang provincial product quality inspection center to be built.As

Talking about the "gold rush dream" of lighting industry in ancient town

Zhongshan Ancient Town, in this town with only 47.8 square kilometers, has formed an ancient town as the center, covering 11 townships surrounding Zhongshan, Foshan, Jiangmen and other three cities, with annual sales of over 100 billion yuan of industrial clusters. Last year, the ancient town lighti

More than 3900 street lamps in Shenzhen replace LED

Recently, the reporter learned from the Baolong City Management Office of Longgang street, which upgraded and upgraded the street lights of Baolong community municipal road, and more than 3900 street lamps were replaced by LED energy-saving lamps.According to the person in charge of Baolong City Man

Vancouver $600 thousand refurbished "dragon lantern", changing LED into a long cherished wish

For decades, the magnificent dragon lanterns of Chinatown in Vancouver have been there to welcome visitors, and at the same time provide a little sense of security to the shops and shops at night.The dragon lantern was installed 30 years ago as part of the renovation plan of the old city square in C

Outside the Chongqing department store, LED wires are short circuited and smoked.

Yesterday (24) around 19:40, LED, Yuzhong, Chongqing, Chongqing department store outside the Monument for Liberation caused by a short circuit caused by smoke, after receiving the alarm, the Yuzhong district fire small squash squadron and the more field squadron immediately released the police. At p


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