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Buddha illuminated: LED lighting of new pharmacist temple in Japan

The LED lighting system, which can simulate the effect of sunlight, has recently been introduced into the main hall of the new pharmacist temple in Nara. In the past, the Buddha's projection which could not be noticed under the fluorescent lamp was clearly reflected in the front of the tourists unde

Vietnam's exclusion from China, LED companies in China, Japan and South Korea are affected.

Vietnam's Chinese Exclusion campaign is continuing to ferment. According to Agence France-Presse, more than a dozen Chinese factories have been ignited. As of May 14th afternoon, Vietnamese police have arrested 500 Anti China riots.Since the end of last century, Chinese household electrical applianc

India's new prime minister takes office to ignite LED lighting business opportunities

India's prime minister's election was announced in May 16, 2014. The newly elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, promised to invest in electricity and railways to raise India's economy and plan to allow every household to use indoor lighting in five years. This will open up business opportunities f

Ancient town lamp owners told employees to leave their employees for infringement, claiming 10 thousand yuan.

On the morning of May 16th, the three people's Court of the second people's Court of Zhongshan carried out intellectual property rights trial in Guzhen Town, and opened a case of copyright infringement dispute. A lighting factory operator sued for the resignation of female employees, claiming that t

The LED lights are red, and the nail Market is shining.

Many women love to transform their nails. Japan recently launched a new nail art, beautiful nail stickers, put a mini LED light inside, nail fingernails as long as the induction of electromagnetic waves around, it will automatically shine. The design that makes the nail flash and glowing attracts ev

Hainan to eliminate incandescent lamps in the next 5 years

From the "Hainan energy conservation and emission reduction pilot project implementation plan" issued by the Hainan provincial government recently (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), it is learned that in the next 5 years, Hainan will eliminate incandescent lights in the whole province and beco

Unbearable LED market competition pressure, a factory stops backlight packaging production

The company of Taiwan Xing Qi company today held a major message that the resolution of the board of directors of the company stopped the production of the backlight packaging plant. Zheng Yiqing, a spokesman for Lian Lian, said that due to the excessive competition in the LED backlight market, the

Chevrolet love Europe "planting" LED light group, us urgent recall

Chevrolet AVEO (AI Europe), as a global strategic vehicle under general motors, is located in the small car market, and is now being sold in Europe, North America and Asia. Recently, Netcom has learned from the US Road National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) that GM has been recalling some of

Football fans enjoy the biggest LED screen in Asia to watch the world cup.

From June 12th to July 13th, at 8 p.m. every night, the He Long world sports center in Changsha will celebrate the World Cup Carnival for a month. This event is hosted by the Changsha Municipal People's government and Zhongnan media. Changsha Sports Bureau, Xiaoxiang Morning Post, Changsha He Long S

Kenya electric lighting company intends to invest $600 million to rebuild infrastructure

Recently, the Kenya Kenya Power 2014/2015 fiscal year plan shows that it will invest about $600 million to transform its power infrastructure. Of these, 280 million US dollars will be used for building new substations and laying transmission lines, and 150 million US dollars for upgrading existing p

Brazil World Cup starts, LED Shenzhen screen

The reporter learned from Nanshan Science and Technology Bureau of Shenzhen that the LED screen used in the Brazil world cup is produced by Shenzhen's Nanshan District enterprise, alto electronics.According to introduction, as a listed company in Nanshan District, alto electronics has been pushing L

Zhejiang Haining speed up LED street lighting transformation

Nearly 2000 LED street light transformation projects in Haining city of Zhejiang city have been formally put into operation before acceptance. It is understood that since the beginning of February this year, the renovation project of street lamps mainly aims at some old urban districts and surroundi

Jiangmen city lighting planning to implement a big saving rate of 50%

In June 16th, the website of the Jiangmen Comprehensive Administration Bureau publicized the draft plan for the urban lighting of the main urban area of the city of Jiangmen.It is reported that the planning area is the main city zone of Jiangmen, including the Pengjiang District, Jianghai district a

Fujian's first export LED demonstration area in Hunan Province

In June 17th, from the Dong Du inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the quality and safety demonstration area of light source and luminaire exported from Huli District passed the inspection and acceptance of the provincial export industrial product quality and safety demonstration zone organized by the

The United Arab Emirates banned inefficient lamps in July 1st

The order of the United Arab Emirates to ban the sale of inefficient lamps will take effect in July 1st. The move is expected to save 106 million 800 thousand pounds a year in energy costs. The ban is part of the UAE indoor lighting standard.The main focus is to ban the inefficiency of incandescent

LED street lamp case, Taiwan public servant sentenced first instance

Just last year, Hualian County broke out the purchase of LED street lamps. In June 24th, the Hualian local court directed against the 4 members of Hualian county councilor Pan Fumin, Chen Changming, Chen Xiufu and Shi Jin Shu. They moved the local construction subsidy through the factory lobby to su

Singapore will reload 4000 LED street lamps

Since this month, 500 street lights in Singapore will be gradually replaced by LED lighting fixtures, with a total replacement of about 4000, and the entire replacement project is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018. This street lamp replacement project is mainly located in the st

LED lamp purchase, ask after sale service is very important.

In June 10th, 14 municipal departments of the provincial capital launched the energy saving initiative of "saving energy and low carbon and building blue sky and blue sky", which aroused strong social repercussions. Many people expressed concern about identifying LED lights. Yesterday, reporters vis

PHILPS gets Taiwan's first LED bulb CNS certification

The issue of environmental protection and energy saving is popular, which drives the LED lighting market. The CNS compulsory certification system for LED lighting products of the Ministry of economic inspection of Taiwan was officially launched in July 1st.A few days ago, PHILPS announced that it ha

Cross strait cooperation in research and development of white light LED red phosphor

Because of its energy saving, environmental protection and long life, white LED has become the next generation of lighting. Currently, commercialized white LED mainly uses blue chips to excite YAG:Ce3+ yellow phosphor. The blue light emitted from the wafer is mixed with the yellow light emitted from

Anecdote: 13 men wait for LED big screen

On the podium of the round lake competition, a big LED screen attracted people's attention. The LED electronic screen is made up of 28 LED small screens weighing more than 100 Jin. Because of the large LED screen, 13 men are responsible for assembling and disassembling every day.According to the sta

Britain's "Ho throw" 20 million pounds to help upgrade LED lighting

Foreign media reported that according to a plan of the British Department of energy to cut electricity consumption in the UK, British families may pay millions of pounds for free LED lighting at supermarkets and airports.The energy secretary Ed Davey recently announced the implementation of a 20 mil

Us recall of LED bulbs in China

  2014年7月15日,美国消费品安全委员会(CPSC)和Halco公司联合宣布对中国产LED灯泡实施自愿性召回。  此次被召回的产品名称为PrOLED bulbs,是一款用于户外安全保障的LED灯泡,有一个银白色金属锥形外壳,产品14瓦或18瓦,包含型号有PAR30和PAR38。以下为召回的产品信息:  Model Number Product Name Beginning Production Code Date Ending Production Code Date 80643 PAR30/14WW/NFL/LED 12/2010 12/2011 80644 PAR30/14WW/FL

Bidding for LED energy saving reconstruction project of some highway tunnels in Gansu Province

The LED energy saving reconstruction project of some highway tunnels in Gansu province has been approved by the Gansu Provincial Department of transport. The construction funds come from vehicle tolls. Project tenderer Gansu Expressway Administration will open the tender for the above projects natio


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