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Domestic LED market expands greatly, Ningbo lighting enterprises compete for business opportunities

As we all know, Ningbo is a well-known place for the production of lamps and lanterns. In LED lighting, Ningbo also owns more than 1100 finished products or accessories enterprises, and LED products of some large enterprises are mature in technology and reliable in quality.But for a long time, the p

Chevrolet love Europe "planting" LED light group, us urgent recall

Chevrolet AVEO (AI Europe), as a global strategic vehicle under general motors, is located in the small car market, and is now being sold in Europe, North America and Asia. Recently, Netcom has learned from the US Road National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) that GM has been recalling some of

Xiamen: by the end of 2016, public institutions will complete 520 thousand LED lighting transformation.

Xiamen encourages the use of contract energy management to carry out energy saving transformation. By the end of 2016, LED lighting products are widely used by public institutions in the city. On the 12 day, the Xiamen public institution LED lighting special energy saving transformation policy semin

LED street lighting saves more than 10000 kilowatt hours per day at Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway.

June 10th is the second national low carbon day. Guangdong Communications Group has announced that since last year's Guangzhou Shenzhen Expressway completed the LED energy saving transformation, the entire line has been saving electricity by about 4 million 800 thousand degrees a year, which is equi

Football fans enjoy the biggest LED screen in Asia to watch the world cup.

From June 12th to July 13th, at 8 p.m. every night, the He Long world sports center in Changsha will celebrate the World Cup Carnival for a month. This event is hosted by the Changsha Municipal People's government and Zhongnan media. Changsha Sports Bureau, Xiaoxiang Morning Post, Changsha He Long S

LED lighting is coming: Russia will increase imports.

Russia's business consulting website reported on June 16th that the Russian LED luminaire Market survey launched by express commentary pointed out that over the past 3 years, the Russian LED luminaire Market has doubled over the past year. The driving factor of market growth is not only the increase

LED shuffle tide sample: Ningbo globe optoelectronics is coming up.

According to the latest news of the press, as a typical photoelectric enterprise in Ningbo, where LED lighting industry is concentrated, Ningbo Global Investment Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Yu Su Pu") has been deeply involved in debt crisis recently."In fact, in recent years, becau

Kenya electric lighting company intends to invest $600 million to rebuild infrastructure

Recently, the Kenya Kenya Power 2014/2015 fiscal year plan shows that it will invest about $600 million to transform its power infrastructure. Of these, 280 million US dollars will be used for building new substations and laying transmission lines, and 150 million US dollars for upgrading existing p

Britain and Liverpool have invested huge sums of money in changing LED street lights, and Cree is in favor.

13 foreign media reported that the British city of Liverpool has decided to spend 7 million pounds in the next 2 years to replace the existing orange light street light to a brighter LED energy-saving lamp. Joe Anderson, mayor of Liverpool, said that LED lighting can improve the brightness of lighti

By the end of June, Hubei Baokang County LED street lamp full coverage.

By the end of June, all the high voltage sodium lamps in Baokang County will be replaced by LED street lamps. The main street of Baokang city has 833 street lamps, all of which are high pressure sodium lamps with a power of 450 watts per unit, which belongs to high energy consumption street lamps. T

Brazil World Cup starts, LED Shenzhen screen

The reporter learned from Nanshan Science and Technology Bureau of Shenzhen that the LED screen used in the Brazil world cup is produced by Shenzhen's Nanshan District enterprise, alto electronics.According to introduction, as a listed company in Nanshan District, alto electronics has been pushing L

将暂停l奖led par38灯项目评比 美能源署 (doe)

The US energy department (DOE) has recently announced the suspension of the LED PAR 38 lamp for the purpose of replacing the halogen bulbs in the L award. This is the second time that the 38 PAR lamp has been suspended. The US Department of energy has revised some of its request options for the L aw

China's first LED zoom tube lamp appears in Foshan.

In June 17th, by the Foshan lighting industry association and other units jointly organized the Foshan industrial design exchange conference in 2014, the first LED zoom light lamp was unveiled.At the meeting, the first domestic LED zoom down lamp developed by Foshan kayo Lighting Co., Ltd. was unvei

Zhejiang Haining speed up LED street lighting transformation

Nearly 2000 LED street light transformation projects in Haining city of Zhejiang city have been formally put into operation before acceptance. It is understood that since the beginning of February this year, the renovation project of street lamps mainly aims at some old urban districts and surroundi

Tianjin to transform street lighting main road brightness increased by 30%

According to the work plan of comprehensive renovation of city appearance and environment, the city street lamp management department has fully started the improvement of urban street lighting facilities.In recent days, the street lamp management office has decorated the 935 basic lampposts of 8 mai

Russian government energy efficiency plan to develop LED lighting market opportunity

The energy efficiency plan initiated by the Russian government has led to LED business opportunities. In 2013, LED grew significantly in the Russian lighting market. The plan aims to increase energy efficiency of lighting products by 2020, while reducing energy consumption per unit of gross domestic

Jiangmen city lighting planning to implement a big saving rate of 50%

In June 16th, the website of the Jiangmen Comprehensive Administration Bureau publicized the draft plan for the urban lighting of the main urban area of the city of Jiangmen.It is reported that the planning area is the main city zone of Jiangmen, including the Pengjiang District, Jianghai district a

Taiwan compulsory inspection of LED bulbs since July

The standard Inspection Bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs of Taiwan announced today that the mandatory inspection of LED bulbs will be carried out in July. If it is sold without inspection and verified, it will be fined more than NT $200 thousand or less than 2 million yuan. In recent years

Seoul Metro and shopping malls will use LED lights and run-up energy self-sufficiency plan.

Nuclear power has always been a major issue in the world. Since Japan's Fukushima nuclear disaster, neighboring countries have paid more attention to the importance of nuclear energy safety. In the South Korean capital of Seoul, in 2011, the One Less Nuclear Power Plant was launched, hoping to achie

Fujian's first export LED demonstration area in Hunan Province

In June 17th, from the Dong Du inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the quality and safety demonstration area of light source and luminaire exported from Huli District passed the inspection and acceptance of the provincial export industrial product quality and safety demonstration zone organized by the

Canton Tower will transform nightscape lighting, and LED bulbs should resist 8 winds.

Canton Tower is a landmark building in Guangzhou. The night lighting of Canton Tower is also one of the most attractive attractions in Guangzhou night. Yesterday, reporters from the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Commission official micro-blog learned that the Guangzhou new TV Tower Construction C

5 million 100 thousand, Sichuan Yibin auction LED display outdoor advertising.

Recently, the outdoor advertising booth of the first LED electronic display in Yibin, Sichuan was successfully auctioned. After several bidding, the bidders finally took this advertising booth at 5 million 100 thousand yuan.The auction of LED electronic display advertising, located in Tsui Ping Dist

The United Arab Emirates banned inefficient lamps in July 1st

The order of the United Arab Emirates to ban the sale of inefficient lamps will take effect in July 1st. The move is expected to save 106 million 800 thousand pounds a year in energy costs. The ban is part of the UAE indoor lighting standard.The main focus is to ban the inefficiency of incandescent

Huizhou street lights enter the LED era and save more than 50% of electricity in the year.

In July 4th, street lamp installers worked on Huizhou Avenue, replacing street lamp posts and installing a new LED street lamp. According to the city lighting management office, except for the Huizhou Avenue section being replaced, Huizhou has basically completed the LED street lamp replacement work


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