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Xiamen is tightening up the innovation of "nose", the five countermeasures to create 100 billion photoelectric industry group

As a national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base, Xiamen, since its strategic goal of cultivating optoelectronic industry in 2004, has adhered to the "five innovations" and has achieved a trillion optical industrial clusters.In 2013, the total output value of Xiamen's photoele

Taiwan labor disputes start again, LED factory employees go to the streets to protest for the dispatch.

Hua LED, a factory in Taiwan, moved its factory building in Taoyuan to Hukou, Hsinchu. More than twenty employees were unable to cooperate with the factory because of family factors, but the company was unwilling to propose a plan for the assignment. Several mediation failed. Today they went to the

Jiangsu market LED lights 70% electromagnetic compatibility is not qualified

Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau released the quality analysis report of LED lighting products and energy-saving lamps in the first quarter of 2014. The pass rate of 103 batches of LED lamps was 60.2%, and the qualified rate of 50 batches of products sold on the market was only 30%, and there were

The demand for LED lighting in Germany has surged, and Malaysia has taken the lead.

According to statistics from Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Corporation (Matrade), Malaysia's LED lighting industry in 2013 achieved a huge leap in German exports, rising from 35.4% US $3 million 900 thousand in 2008 to US $139 million in 2013.Europe's growing demand for energy conservation and

Buddha illuminated: LED lighting of new pharmacist temple in Japan

The LED lighting system, which can simulate the effect of sunlight, has recently been introduced into the main hall of the new pharmacist temple in Nara. In the past, the Buddha's projection which could not be noticed under the fluorescent lamp was clearly reflected in the front of the tourists unde

Chongqing taxi LED screen is now "Wulong gate". Taiwan LED becomes a drug trafficker "accomplice".

LED, the top high-tech halo, is increasingly popular among consumers. It is common to see the truth of the LED screen or decorate the festival atmosphere with LED lighting. However, the LED news below makes people laugh and cry, and even criminals are eyeing this high-tech gadget.Chongqing taxi LED

Yulin Market: LED lights and energy-saving lamps evenly share the world.

Yulin metropolitan lighting market has completed the replacement of incandescent lamps ahead of schedule, and LED lights have become the rising stars after the energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamps, once widely known, have disappeared from people's vision.Incandescent lamp delisting is the general

Vietnam's exclusion from China, LED companies in China, Japan and South Korea are affected.

Vietnam's Chinese Exclusion campaign is continuing to ferment. According to Agence France-Presse, more than a dozen Chinese factories have been ignited. As of May 14th afternoon, Vietnamese police have arrested 500 Anti China riots.Since the end of last century, Chinese household electrical applianc

Thailand intends to intervene in LED lamp price

The State Power Supply Bureau of Thailand revealed that the negative growth of electricity consumption in the first 4 months of this year is 1%, which is consistent with the current economic situation. If the political situation is to calm down in the near future, the number of domestic electricity

Last year, Zhongshan Ancient Town lighting infringement cases accounted for nearly 40% of the whole province.

In January this year, Zhongshan Ancient Town became a national demonstration base for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade, and it is one of the 6 demonstration bases in the province. The intellectual property rights center of Zhongshan (lighting) has handled more than 500 cases of infringe

India's new prime minister takes office to ignite LED lighting business opportunities

India's prime minister's election was announced in May 16, 2014. The newly elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, promised to invest in electricity and railways to raise India's economy and plan to allow every household to use indoor lighting in five years. This will open up business opportunities f

The transformation of Zhejiang's export trade has accelerated, and export unit price has been rising rapidly.

Since the beginning of this year, statistics in various fields show that China's foreign trade growth is slowing down, and Zhejiang's big foreign trade province is no exception. Behind the slowdown, is it a sign that our competitiveness in foreign trade is weakening? Traditional foreign trade enterp

High temperature intolerable, Guangxi Qinzhou LED screen "heat stroke" spontaneous combustion

Recently, many places in Guangxi continue to have high temperatures for a long time. On the 18 day, a large billboard caught fire near a commercial plaza in Qinzhou, Guangxi. Fortunately, there were no casualties.At 21:11, the Qinnan squadron arrived at the scene. It was learned from the feedback fr

Ancient town lamp owners told employees to leave their employees for infringement, claiming 10 thousand yuan.

On the morning of May 16th, the three people's Court of the second people's Court of Zhongshan carried out intellectual property rights trial in Guzhen Town, and opened a case of copyright infringement dispute. A lighting factory operator sued for the resignation of female employees, claiming that t

Seize the energy-saving lamps and promote the "tail".

Harbin has launched the use of "financial subsidies for efficient lighting products" this year. From now until the end of 8, the urban and rural residents in Harbin can use their ID cards to promote fixed outlets in high-efficiency lighting products at the price of 50%. The purchase of bulk users ca

Thailand coup has no real threat to Taiwan LED manufacturers

After the Thailand military declared martial law, it launched a coup yesterday. As a whole, there is no real threat and influence to Taiwanese Taiwanese investment and Taiwan and Thai Import and export trade, but it needs further observation.Investors in Thailand have also implemented contingency me

The LED lights are red, and the nail Market is shining.

Many women love to transform their nails. Japan recently launched a new nail art, beautiful nail stickers, put a mini LED light inside, nail fingernails as long as the induction of electromagnetic waves around, it will automatically shine. The design that makes the nail flash and glowing attracts ev

Tall: Fujian police distribute LED shoulder lamp night patrol.

Some city management bought Google glasses patrol, and became the focus of public attention for a while. Today, Fujian police deployed LED shoulder lamp night patrol, causing a sensation.Since May 15th, the Pukou police station in Lianjiang County Public Security Bureau has distributed the police sh

The floods hit the PRD, and Dongguan LED business was "ruined".

Since May, the rainfall in Guangdong has been frequent. 20 consecutive days of heavy rain have caused floods in some areas of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan and Zengcheng, and some areas have accumulated 2 meters of water. Hundreds of factories in Dongguan, Tangxia, Zhangmutou, Fenggang and

Hainan to eliminate incandescent lamps in the next 5 years

From the "Hainan energy conservation and emission reduction pilot project implementation plan" issued by the Hainan provincial government recently (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"), it is learned that in the next 5 years, Hainan will eliminate incandescent lights in the whole province and beco

Canton Tower will cost tens of millions of yuan to add LED "new makeup".

As the Guangzhou business card, the Canton Tower nightscape lights will be transformed. After nearly 4 and a half years' use of the Canton Tower nightscape lighting system, local renovation will be carried out for the first time to increase the LED lamp beads to enhance the performance of the nights

Guangdong's LED output value reached 281 billion 100 million in 2013.

In May 27th, we learned from the provincial science and technology department that as of now, 4 cities such as Dongguan have already completed the transformation task of street lighting and other LED lighting products.According to the provincial government's deployment in May 2012, the 9 cities in t

Unbearable LED market competition pressure, a factory stops backlight packaging production

The company of Taiwan Xing Qi company today held a major message that the resolution of the board of directors of the company stopped the production of the backlight packaging plant. Zheng Yiqing, a spokesman for Lian Lian, said that due to the excessive competition in the LED backlight market, the

People's Tucao LED street lights are a little colder.

Mr. Hung said that in recent years, LED street lamps have been launched outside many shopping malls and office buildings in Longgang central city of Shenzhen, but most of them are white. Although the white LED street lamps are bright, they are not soft enough. From the angle of driving and pedestria


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