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  • Oscillograph
    We test the signal of every led light by advanced Oscillograph to ensure no malfunction happens when you receive the goods. Half-finished products and finished products will go through this test both for zero defect.
  • Dielectric Withstand Voltage Test
    The led bars are going through the withstand voltage test by the tester. The led bar is DC24V, then we will test it under DC500V. So in case the electric wires inside touch the aluminum shell for some reason, we eliminate the potential security risks in advance.
  • Color Deviation Test
    The RGBW Par lights is in the aging test. The tester is wearing the glasses to check if there is color deviation for the lights. That will avoid uneven R,G,B color appear under the real environment.
  • Water Immersion Test in Sink
    The Led linear bars including the connectors by two ends are fully soaked in the sink for waterproof test. As the bars are for outdoor, we strictly test EVERY lights no matter how large the order is.
  • The Water Immersion Test Device
    For IP67 or IP68 requirement on led lights, we will conduct the waterproof test under this sealing device. It simulates the lights under 10m water pressure in 5 minutes. And soon after approving the test, the led lights will go through the withstand voltage test. So you don’t need to worry at all for waterproof matters during rainy season.
  • Simulated Transport Vibrator
    The device simulates the packaged goods under all-round 360 degree violent shaking during transportation. So you won’t receive the goods in fragments, or the covers on the led linear bars scattering around the ground.



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