Shijiazhuang Huaqiang LED Trading Center Grand Opening
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Accompanied by Shijiazhuang Huaqiang Plaza, 90 thousand square meters of commercial grand opening of the Shijiazhuang Huaqiang LED Trading Center opened in the same period, as the first domestic brand LED professional market, Huaqiang LED trading center in the national LED chain market development has taken a solid step.

The development of the national chain layout has taken firm steps

Huaqiang LED trading center was founded in 2010, is the first domestic LED professional trading market. Over the past 4 years, adhere to the professional market route, development situation is good. In 2013, LED is located in the industrial base of Shenzhen headquarters to complete the expansion, the new business area of more than 5000 square meters, more than 200 new LED manufacturers in Shenzhen has become the largest business area, the number of businesses most professional LED market.

Relying on the industrial base in Shenzhen, Huaqiang LED trading center actively chain layout important city in China, after more than a year of careful preparation, 2014, Shijiazhuang Huaqiang LED trading center will usher in a comprehensive business, creating a chain of development of professional trading market LED precedent.

With the LED market penetration continues to rise, the LED and the start of the consumer market, China's LED lighting will also usher in a golden period of development, to continue to meet the development needs of manufacturers, Huaqiang LED trading center will be in Ji'nan, Changzhou city began construction of LED professional market, continues to accelerate the pace of development chain.

Manufacturers strategic partners to establish efficient service model

Huaqiang LED trading center focused on LED products in circulation, reduce the cost of procurement for the purchaser, the first time to the purchaser to promote products and Information Center for the settled merchants adopt consistent exchange platform, leading businesses "go out". In 2013, held in Shenzhen - Shijiazhuang LED manufacturers matchmaking, organized more than 20 professional manufacturers to Shijiazhuang, to discuss the procurement and market exchange and more than 100 local dealers, many enterprises to achieve cooperation with local distributors and engineering. High efficiency, low cost channel promotion services by manufacturers of praise, the establishment of service model for LED enterprise channel promotion model.

Shenzhen LED industry as the base, is rich in resources such as manufacturers, products, the major manufacturers are also actively layout of the domestic market. According to the LED trading center to Huaqiang buyers tracking data show that domestic dealers pay close attention to Shenzhen LED products of the rising, and Shenzhen manufacturers are also increasingly in-depth cooperation. As for the mining entity connected transaction platform between the two sides, Huaqiang LED trading center through purchasing magazines, electronic commerce and the "factory - business matchmaking channels such as market activity, provide more in-depth, comprehensive and efficient industry exclusive service is for both sides, build the platform of choice for LED manufacturers, product promotion, marketing channel construction the.

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