In Germany, LED lighting market demand, Malaysia force attack
Source: Date:2018-03-05

According to the Malaysia Foreign Trade Development Corporation (Matrade) statistics, Malaysia LED lighting industry in 2013 achieved a great leap for German exports, exports from $3 million 900 thousand in 2008 jumped to $139 million in 2013, growth of 35.4%.

The growing demand for energy saving and environmental protection in Europe is the driving force to drive the export of lighting products in Malaysia. "Germany is now ahead of Britain, Italy and France, in the leading position in the lighting market in europe." Frankfurt City Trade Commissioner S. Jai Shankar by the Malaysia newspaper said, "rising energy prices are forcing German architects, public investors and consumers more toward the green energy-saving lighting solutions."

In addition, maintain close trade relations and cooperation between the city of Malaysia is also an important driving force to promote the German export demand. Shankar urged local manufacturers to actively explore, focus on Austria, Poland and Czech Republic and other countries export.

The production cost advantage of the Asian lighting market is relatively low, for those who want to move towards the East, European lighting manufacturers to improve production capacity, have a great attraction. Asian exports to Europe from the lighting market in the growth of the number of products. The government of Malaysia will continue to increase their investment in the lighting industry. (China LED /jasmine compiler)

LED more information, please pay attention to Chinese LED network's official website or WeChat public account (cnledw2013).

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