Yulin Market: LED lamp and energy-saving lamp split the world
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Yulin city lighting market has been completed in advance to replace the incandescent lamp, LED lamp energy saving lamp after becoming the bright younger generation. The incandescent lamp was known to every family, has disappeared from people's vision.

The incandescent lamp is represent the general trend of delisting

The reporter visited the Yulin more than 10 home lighting stores, found that only a sale of incandescent lamp 25W, 40W, 60W and other wattage, the price of 1 yuan to 2 yuan. Sales staff said, in the number of incandescent lamp sale has not, customers are not many, is mainly used to do some small staircase induction lamp, and some country hatcheries and few farmers still use.

Another official said lamps dealership, his store only part of 40W following the sale of incandescent lamp. The official told reporters, affected by the national policy, the incandescent lamp above 60W can not get out, the current energy-saving lamps and LED lamps lamps market lead, incandescent lamp is represent the general trend out of the market.

The main LED lamp lighting market

From the second half of last year, our shops have all replaced with LED lights." A ring road of electrical lighting shop said Ms. Chen, LED light too rapid development, 3-4 years ago, when she first introduced the LED lamp, LED lamp store sales in Yulin only a few. In the lighting market main city jade ring road and industrial products market in Yulin, LED lamps become the flagship shop.

A light shop owner Tan said, as long as the customer does not specify they recommend the use of energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, "from the beginning of January this year, our sales have exceeded the LED lamp energy saving lamp sales reached 60%."

It is understood that such a situation, mainly lies in the rapid decline in the price of LED lamp. With the LED lighting technology and the maturity of the market last year, brand lamps enterprises have a price surge, LED lamp market prices began to decline. To a certain brand of 24W lamps for example, two years ago, the retail price of 400 yuan, currently only 200 yuan can buy. And a LED lamp 2 years ago to 3-4 yuan a 1-2 yuan, at present, even before you can buy 5-6 hair. "A lamp before the LED lamp broke the lamp must be changed, now just replace beads can be burned." A lamp with insiders said LED lighting technology, but also reduces the cost of maintenance.

In addition, LED light compared with the ordinary energy-saving lamps, more power. The brightness of the energy-saving lamp LED lights a lamp 18W is equivalent to a 40W. If calculated by 6 hours a day, an energy-saving lamp 40W year will be 87.6 degrees, and the LED lamp 18W requires only 39.42 kwh, 48.18 kwh of electricity, saving than the Lantern festival.

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