To promote energy-saving lamp "tail", enjoy half price concessions to buy Lamps Harbin
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Harbin city this year to promote the use of "financial subsidies efficient lighting products" had already begun. From now until the end of 8, Harbin urban and rural residents can have an identification card in the promotion of efficient lighting products in the price of 50% outlets in fixed price, buy brand-name quality and efficient energy-saving lamps. Bulk user subscription can enjoy 30% of the state finance subsidy.

The promotion of efficient lighting products a total of 3 categories and 17 types, including compact fluorescent lamps for all promotion area and below the county level, T5 straight tube fluorescent lamp bracket is not restricted. Users buy Promotional products when you need to show proof of identity, each valid identity purchase amount shall not exceed 5, the same identity can not repeat purchase. In order to prevent the environmental pollution caused by waste lamp, users buy Promotional products at the same time, can be used in lighting products to promote outlets, pay for professional recycling enterprises by promotion.

Bid in Harbin this year to promote energy-saving lamps lighting electrical enterprises Zhejiang Morninghope Lighting Co. Ltd and Guangdong beauty Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Zhejiang Yankon electric group Limited by Share Ltd, Jiangxi Thorpe Industrial Co. Ltd., OPPLE lighting Limited by Share Ltd and other 5 enterprises. The 5 enterprises in our city have set up sales outlets and fixed, under the jurisdiction of the ten counties in the city (city) take the community distribution, hardware store, set up caravan etc. Product publicity and promotion, to facilitate the purchase of residents and enterprises.

It is reported that this year's energy-saving lamps and other traditional efficient lighting products promotion last year. Since 2008, Harbin has to promote energy-saving lamps more than 239, the cumulative savings for users to purchase costs 11 million yuan, directly stimulating the green consumption of 25 million yuan, the annual saving 63 million kwh.

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