The flood hit the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan LED business "bathing"
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Guangdong province since May, frequent rainfall, 20 days of continuous heavy rain caused in some areas of Guangzhou, Dongguan, Zhaoqing, Qingyuan, Zengcheng city suffered floods, parts of water up to 2 meters. Dongguan, Tangxia, Fenggang, Zhangmutou town 100 plant flooded, factory equipment, raw materials and other flooded scrap, orders have been delayed, flooded by the customer return products. Some enterprises in low-lying areas, by the insurance company insurance coverage, the loss of millions of.

2254801/3 "Guangzhou 8 annual average rainfall in May this year, the 4 and 3 heavy rain storm." The rainfall in Guangdong Province in May to refresh the historical record, more than the city of Jiangmen, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou has become "Guangdong Venice", the storm caused 13 people dead, paralyzed the traffic system at the same time, also hit the manufacturing enterprises in Pearl River delta.

Reporters yesterday found in Dongguan Tangxia Town, Zhangmutou town, 4 town factory visits, hundreds of factories, shopping malls, shops in May 11th, 19 consecutive days flooded two times, total loss of nearly one billion yuan. Many factories in hospital was flooded after the equipment, furniture, steel, cloth, lamps, packaging etc.. Zhangmutou Zhangyang bridge under the Shima River near several factories, because the low-lying, water two times during heavy rainfall of up to 2 meters, the first floor of the building all flooded factories. Many plant raw materials and accessories swept along, orders can only delay the delivery.

In Xingyuan hardware factory, the reporter saw the workers are busy cleaning up the LED lamp shell immersed by water. "We is the goods to Germany, all products have finished packing are installed. Who knows the water half an hour up to 1 meters, unable to move. At that time we care not for other, quickly climbed up to the roof, the goods are global, shell rust is customer returns." The workshop director Zhang told reporters, from the beginning of May 11th, the workers would not stop cleaning up trash from the floor of the shop, hospital by packing flooding had piled up a mountain. Master Zhang said, the factory equipment maintenance costs 30 thousand, 50 thousand of the raw material, finished 50 thousand, machine loss depreciation 10 thousand, plus overtime cleaning labor costs, business losses of nearly 150 thousand. To understand the reporter visited the nearby factories, enterprises are mostly in the 15-30 million loss.

Located in Zhangmutou electronic city deep road near the town of electronic products and components is the largest wholesale market. May 11th rain, because the shopping center near the low-lying, Shima River water level rose rapidly, flooding into the mall, the negative layer all drowned. Reporters yesterday in the electronic city to see hundreds of flooded air mobile power supply, pile up like a mountain hand boxes, lamps, the computer screen is trash pickup. Booth 1C105 merchant A Ling said: "at that time was very fierce, 20 minutes up to above the knee, our warehouse in the negative layer. Audio, lighting and other electrical contact many water short, all scrapped. The police asked us to leave, the goods would not attend." Zhangmutou Electronic City Management Office staff told reporters that the negative layer of more than 100 business losses totaled more than 20 million.

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