The domestic LED market expansion in Ningbo lighting companies compete for business opportunities
Source: Date:2018-03-05

As everyone knows Ningbo is the production of lamps, focus on the well-known, LED lighting in this piece, Ningbo also has more than 1100 products or accessories enterprises, some large enterprises LED products mature technology, reliable quality.

But for a long time, Ningbo LED lighting products mainly for the international market. But with the rapid start-up of the domestic market, Ningbo LED enterprises have also increased efforts to expand the domestic market.

According to the prediction of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of science and technology and other ministries jointly issued the "planning" semiconductor lighting industry, lighting industry output value of LED with an average annual growth rate of about 30%, in 2015 reached 450 billion yuan, of which 180 billion yuan LED lighting applications.

Ningbo light industry product sales structure has also confirmed this judgment. Statistics show that Ningbo Lighting Association, last year in Ningbo, LED lighting products production enterprises have reached a record high of more than 1100, the total sales of the lighting industry is about 45 billion yuan, of which LED accounted for 23 billion yuan, more than the traditional lamps for the first time. Last year, LED sales in 2008 compared with an increase of nearly 7 times.

Ningbo LED lighting enterprises are mostly export-oriented enterprises, although the technology and products of good quality, but the brand and sales channels is relatively weak, "Ningbo Electronics Industry Association, Ningbo semiconductor lighting branch secretary Ren Fengbo told reporters. But this situation is changing.

In Jiangbei Hongtang Street on the road, the street here has been replaced by the LED lamp, it is reported that this batch of LED production by the Ningbo Liaoyuan lighting lamp, road lighting market Limited by Share Ltd in the future, they will also aim at the city. According to reports, as a step in the road lighting market have used Liaoyuan company's products have been in many domestic city street lamp, landscape lamp engineering.

At the end of last year, is located in the high-tech zone of Ningbo Shengpu photoelectric semiconductor Co. Ltd. with "SUNPU LED" brand in the Tmall store, launched 5 series of LED lighting products. This is a try of Ningbo veteran LED companies on the electricity supplier.

Export lamp enterprises another rapid development of Ningbo kaiyao Electrical Appliance Manufacturing Co. Ltd will also look at the domestic market. The general manager Yao Kai electric company Shen Yanwei told reporters, glory LED products to indoor lighting, LED product development plan, covering Home Furnishing mining, office, hotel, commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, buildings, sports venues, the glory has built up a nationwide dealer network, ready to spend 3~5 years both domestic and foreign trade situation.

"The size of the domestic market is huge, and the local governments are considering the LED included a new promotion plan, at the same time, due to lower prices, LED lighting products into the family is also the domestic market opportunities represent the general trend, so do not miss." Ren Fengbo said. According to her, there are hundreds of Ningbo LED lighting enterprises have adopted various measures to expand the domestic market.

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