People Tucao LED street lamp color is a bit cold
Source: Date:2018-03-05

Mr. Hong people reflect, in recent years, Shenzhen City, Longgang city center outside many shopping malls and office buildings have launched LED lights, but most are white, although the white LED lamp is very bright, but not soft, from the drive angle and the pedestrian's point of view, this color is a bit cold, can be replaced orange soft point color?

The day before, in the center of Longgang city visited noted in Longxiang Avenue along some junctions, the night, LED street light is really very bright, far can see the bright light, but a little dazzling, this is particularly evident for car owners.

In this regard, Longgang District Urban Management Bureau official said, the people have some sense of LED lights for color view, in recent years, Urban Management Bureau also continue to study how to improve. At first, light color is yellow, later changed to LED street, turned into a white light.

The responsible person said, the use of many places in the urban area is white, and the city later in order to keep consistent, so choose white LED lights. In 2013 a number, so this group is white, then, from 2014 to 2015 is also preparing to change two to three batch, the next will take full account of the views of the public, combined with expert opinion is fully demonstrated, and try to get a more scientific conclusion.

Some people said, according to his understanding, in some developed countries and regions, is the use of orange red lights, only in special sections with white, suggested that, if in some spacious roads, yellow street lighting degree is not enough, the road light white, but not too spacious roads or trails, can use LED lights orange?

Longgang District Urban Management Bureau official said, the problem of street reconstruction LED, Urban Management Bureau has done a lot of work, because the LED street lamp is energy-saving products, energy saving and environmental protection is to promote the next, because of the need to make savings, or to change the.

The responsible person said, incandescent light penetration and illumination is really good, when there is haze, orange and yellow light penetration is relatively poor. At the same time, the incandescent lamp will feel the glare, glare, and orange and yellow light is warm, citizens seem to feel very comfortable and warm, so the relevant departments in the city and then see how to improve communication.

In such conditions, the brightness of LED lights to be natural, but under the premise of ensuring the brightness, but also consider the people's travel experience, brightness and comfort will be fully combined, in order to truly implement humanistic city.

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