The football fans blessed Asia's largest LED screen to watch the world cup
Source: Date:2018-03-05

From June 12th to July 13th at 8 pm, Changsha He Long Sports Center, a month of large World Cup Carnival will be staged wonderful. The event organized by the Municipal People's government, Changsha South media, Changsha Sports Bureau, Xiaoxiang Morning host, Changsha He Long Sports Center, Hunan Zhongnan International Exhibition Co., Changsha sports industry management company executive organizer.

According to the organizers of the World Cup Carnival aims to open up the World Cup second, build Hunan and national best watch propaganda platform, football culture, carry forward the spirit of sports. The World Cup Carnival is introduced to Asia's largest outdoor ball screen - three block a total area of 460 square meters large HD LED screen, so that all the audience watching the super cool experience, the ultimate speed and passion on the pitch, enjoy a different charm. The province's largest beer world cup delicacy square, Brazil barbecue, Taiwan delicacy, around the cuisine tease the taste buds. The most wonderful PARTY, rock, hip-hop, samba, cheerleading, outdoor movies, outdoor tent passion.

During the world cup, the province's most Madden Football Baby will gather in He Long field, hot fashion, beauty and sexy in the end. At the same time, there is the most cool interactive activities, delicacy Festival, music festival, fancy beer competition, the shootout, dribbling contest, "hero alliance" electronic sports, football quiz, three quadruped skiing competitions, football freestyle show you summer carnival. In addition to the activities, the organizers also bring the most surprise gift ball. The carnival scene planning area, watching football, camping tent area area, area, stage arts district beer delicacy, outdoor sports, interactive games, electronic games, business district area display area subject area, is expected to have more than 2 million fans enthusiastic participation.

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