Jiangmen city lighting planning the implementation of money saving rate of 50%
Source: Date:2018-03-05

In June 16th, Jiangmen city comprehensive administration website publicity of the "main city urban lighting special planning" draft of Jiangmen city.

It is reported that the scope of planning for the urban area of Jiangmen City, including city streets Pengjiang District, Jianghai district and Xinhui District, an area of 566 square kilometers; the planning theme of "hometown of overseas Chinese hometown, Jiangcheng night". In order to enhance the city image and improve the city "night" night life "quality, to pull the city of" night economy "as the goal; put forward the city lighting saving rate reached 50%, the trunk road lighting rate reached 99%, the new road of energy saving standards compliance rate of 100%.

The reporter understands, "the main city of city lighting planning" in Jiangmen city "light pollution prevention and control planning" the city is divided into I, II, III, and strictly control the "4 control zones, and each control area is put forward corresponding control index.

"Jiangmen City Lighting City Planning" in the "night tour planning" was put forward according to the situation of Jiangmen, set up "phenomenon, Binjiang dragon light night, urban experience" 3 unique night tour. Among them, the "dragon light phenomenon" lines include Baishuidai Park, Busan Park, South Plaza, Central Plaza, Jianghai District, Jiangmen city government rail station, open time is from 6 pm to 10 pm; Binjiang night routes include Binjiang Park, Donghua Road, Causeway Road, the opening time for the evening 7 pm to 11 pm; "urban experience" routes include overseas Plaza, Yingbin Road, East Lake Park, Baisha temple, open time is from 6 pm to 10.

The Mid Autumn Festival, overseas Chinese Tourism Festival, focus on sports events such as festivals in large venues, such as holding overseas Plaza, East Lake Plaza, Jiangmen Sports Center; delicacy street, litchi Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, in general, regional programmes venues, such as long beach, Central Plaza, Plaza Gang held lantern Festival; the new year's day, mountain temple, etc. in the garden activities can float exhibition venues, such as the Baishuidai long pagoda square in front of the entrance plaza, GUI Fengshan held.

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