The transformation of the Tianjin street lighting trunk road 30% brightness increase
Source: Date:2018-03-05

In accordance with the requirements of the comprehensive improvement of urban environment and work plan, the city street department started the city street lighting facilities to upgrade project.

Even Japan, on Tai'an Road, Nanjing road and other 8 key trunk road 935 road lamp street management office workers paint, to the city center area, key roads, culverts, along the Haihe River Bridge Street line, lamp, lamp, box type station and other facilities to conduct a comprehensive inspection, cleaning and repair. As of now, has lost the lampposts damage repair door 5060, post maintenance vertical skew 216 base, is the lamp arm 132, replacing the lampshade, lamp damage 6610, demolished in the pole to connect wires, signs of more than 50, foreign link 85 temporary overhead cables were transformed into.

It is understood that the street management office will use a month's time on the friendship road, Southeast half ring expressway 16 key trunk roads over the life, replacing the serious aging 3399 sets of street lamps, and replacement over the useful life of the indoor aging switch cabinet 10, aging box 6 stations, 6 km cable aging the lighting brightness, focus city trunk road 30%.

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