LED lighting into the era of meager profit should seize opportunities for mergers and acquisitions hit off
Source: Date:2018-01-05

LED lighting has entered a low profit era, new entrants will face huge challenges. How cool look at this industry? This, committed to the development of high-end semiconductor devices -- executive vice president GaN substrate materials Peking University Dongguan Optoelectronics Research Institute Zhang Guoyi said, from the national strategic perspective, the semiconductor lighting is still a big trend, is "13th Five-Year" during one of the major national strategy. From policy perspective, this year, the LED lighting support is relatively reduced, but this year, the Ministry of science and technology has allocated 2 billion 800 million yuan to start major projects and major projects of advanced electronic materials, advanced electronic materials, the first to the development of semiconductor lighting or. From the macro economic situation, China downtown pressure on the economy still exists, investment growth is weak. The real estate policy has been relaxed, but the recovery is slow, especially the three or four line of the city real estate market downturn, insufficient domestic demand growth. Zhang Guoyi said, in 2016, LED lighting industry prospects are not optimistic, manufacturing overcapacity, domestic enterprises have LED products do not profit at all, at present, a few big family lighting Japan and the United States, Germany and other countries have announced its withdrawal from the manufacturing areas, make the difference of competition and China enterprises. "This is both a challenge and an opportunity." Zhang Guoyi said, at present situation, the domestic lighting enterprises to fight technology but foreign, but if foreign exit manufacturing areas, and domestic enterprises to participate in the acquisition, then the future of LED lighting manufacturing certainly all in China Chinese, as long as the manufacturing role fully and towards high-end manufacturing, the future is the only country in the world to master the lighting field high-end manufacturing. "Objectively speaking, LED lighting industry in the future will be" left for the king. "." Zhang Guoyi said, at present, has been approved by the State Ministry of science and technology policy, and the introduction of policies to help businesses survive the current difficulties, help enterprises carry out cross-border acquisitions. "LED lighting industry has entered the stage of integration, the industry still has very large development space, the frozen period will last, crossed over, China enterprise is the first international." Zhang Guoyi said that the future of LED lighting will show the demand and competition coexist, merger integration proposed new entrants LED lighting industry, or become one trader. He said, LED lighting industry has been relying on support to the development of barbaric growth stage, creating not to lower the threshold to enter the link, because the future of the entire industry "reshuffle" efforts will be more and more.

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