Eventful summer LED industry mergers and acquisitions followed
Source: Date:2018-01-05

July, LED industry also really be called a eventful summer". A bankruptcy, CREE takeover case after another, leaving a very lonely. In fact, a variety of mergers and acquisitions of the lighting industry has just unfolding, some statistics, only the first half of the year, there are many bigger mergers happen. For example, in June, Riyadh acquired 100% stake in sky lighting for 350 million yuan; May, science and technology at a price of 450 million yuan acquisition of Hyun Seok photoelectric; March, Linsen bought a 80% stake in February the era of light;, NVC acquired yaoneng Holdings Limited 75% stake...... Some analysts have pointed out that with the rapid development of Chinese lighting industry, the oversupply situation gradually appears, overcapacity, the future development trend of the lighting industry will also be integrated, while stronger enterprises through mergers and acquisitions bigger, while phasing out no competitive enterprises. Lighting industry mergers and acquisitions is fierce, it is simple, after the gentleman think tank arrangement, below generally presents in July so far, in our LED lighting industry in a series of investment, reduction, merger and purchase (termination) of the latest action. Through these early July frequently staged event industry, we try to understand the survival and development of its current development status reflects. HC semitek MEMSIC semiconductor acquisition of the evening of July 20th, still suspended in the HC semitek announcement, said the acquisition Target Corp is the leading global MEMS sensor (MEMS) MEMSIC (USA), INC. (MEMSIC semiconductor). Announcement shows that the company is currently the initial restructuring plan for the issue of shares to buy assets, namely: the underlying assets for the harmonious core optical (Yiwu) Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "SPV"), from the SPV to the transaction of the Target Corp shareholders to buy 100% stake in the Target Corp. The subject of the transaction, the controlling shareholder assets for equity investment in Yiwu harmonious core partnership (limited partnership). The company currently has SPV and its controlling shareholders signed the investment framework agreement, the agreement has been submitted to the Shenzhen stock exchange. The transaction price to the Target Corp in 2017 15 to 20 times earnings forecast net profit rate is determined on the basis of valuation, and the parties agreed to the final transaction price in the price assessment confirmation shall prevail. In this transaction, the underlying assets of SPV acquisition of 100% stake in the Target Corp for matters China firms to buy overseas, to the competent departments of Commerce, development and Reform Commission, the foreign exchange administrative department and other relevant departments of the approval and filing, the transaction has not yet been performed to the relevant department for examination and approval steps. The acquisition of LSD Zhongzhou photoelectric July 18th, Zhejiang Zhongzhou said LSD is consistent with the Au Optronics Co management consultation, signed the "investment agreement" reforming, and intends to acquire 40 million has entered the court bankruptcy reorganization of Zhejiang Zhongzhou Au Optronics Co. Announcements, Zhongzhou photoelectric is the enterprise bankruptcy reorganization of Hangzhou City Intermediate People's court ruling, the company before the LED filament industry recognized benchmark enterprise, technology, production process of LED filament product leader, due to a problem which the company can not operate normally in the introduction of external investment institutions in the process of entering the court bankruptcy reorganization. According to its own development strategy, LSD intended as investors to buy the debtor reforming, the proposed transferee 100% stake in shares held by existing shareholders of the debtor, to pay for the price of 40 million yuan. After the completion of the reorganization, LED filament intelligent lamp control system and the LSD Zhongzhou of the development, production and sales of industrial merge into lierda intelligent lighting control system in the universe LED filament lamp technology, intelligent lamp control system complete industry chain, quick start intelligent LED lighting control market. For the company's networking system in the layout of the whole industry chain will be a great boost, and promote the transformation of the traditional LED lamp market upgrade. Z-light optoelectronics was founded in 2004, started from a small package business now, Zhongzhou has grown into one of the largest manufacturing enterprise in East China LED. The strength of Zhongzhou development is very strong, ZL-SSL-SL05 high reliability of road lighting LED light source module integrated in 2011 the company was listed as national key products. Study on high efficiency white LED AMP level industrialization of key technology in 2008 was named the National 863 plan. FSL and three investment in the evening of July 19th, FSL unveiled three consecutive investment announcement. Including the South and the company intends to acquire equity, quasi equity acquisition and joint venture company Zen Chang set up a main electrical products enterprises. In the large amount of foreign investment at the same time, the company also unveiled a reduction plan, intends to holdings held by China Xuan tech stocks, in order to return the funds, the main focus of. The acquisition of the South and the company FSL to use its own funds 180 million yuan acquisition of 100 Accor limited held in South Shenzhen and Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. 32.85% of the shares. It is reported that the South and the company production and operation of electronic products, communication products, plastic products, mold products, radio transmitting equipment, mobile phone (mobile phone), LED lighting products. Because Guangdong Province Electronic Information Industry Group Co Ltd is the controlling shareholder of FSL, and is the largest shareholder of the South and the company, the acquisition of FSL Ya hundred Holdings Limited South and 32.85% of the shares of the company after the completion of the FSL Electronics Group and in the South and the associated company formed a joint investment relationship. FSL independent directors issued a separate opinion on the equity of the acquisition, think through the acquisition of FSL Ya hundred Holdings Limited South and 32.85% stake in the company, can share the South and the company is located in Buji town of Longgang District of Shenzhen city industrial area after the completion of the renovation of the city's revenue, increase the company's revenue sources. The acquisition of Foshan Zen Zen Chang Chang electric (GM) Ltd. is FSL in 2005, a joint venture company, the registered capital of 72 million 782 thousand and 900 yuan, FSL accounted for 70% of the shares, Youchang lighting equipment Co., Ltd. accounted for 30% of the shares. In order to integrate FSL internal resources, strengthen the Zen Chang company management and utilization of resources, FSL intends to acquire Youchang lighting equipment company limited holds 30% stake in the company of Zen chang. FSL said the acquisition of Zen Chang 30% stake in the company will help the company to further strengthen the integration of resources, Zen Chang company management and resource utilization, enhance the company's profitability, after the acquisition, the company will be a wholly owned holding company Zen chang. The announcement also shows that at the beginning of 2016 to the disclosure date, FSL and Youchang lighting equipment company limited and its affiliates accumulated daily related transactions amounted to 21 million 2 thousand and 100 yuan. Zen Chang electrical production and business lamps, electric light source products and accessories, installation and related engineering consulting business. The establishment of a joint venture company FSL electrician fozhao invested 25 million 500 thousand yuan, and the other person (or persons) jointly funded the establishment of "fozhao electrician Intelligent Control Technology Co. Ltd. (tentative, to industrial and commercial registration shall prevail) (hereinafter referred to as" fozhao electric company "or" joint venture "), the joint venture company main business for R & D, production and sales of electrical sockets, converters, switches and other electrical products. FSL, the foreign investment amounted to 25 million 500 thousand yuan, accounting for 51% of the joint venture, management and key employees of joint venture company invested 8 million 500 thousand yuan, accounting for 17% stake in the joint venture; the production end of strategic investors invested 10 million yuan, accounting for 20% stake in the joint venture sales end; strategic investors invested 6 million yuan, accounting for 12% stake in the joint venture parties. All in cash. FSL said that through the investment company set up subsidiaries, development, sales of electrical products, can enrich the company's product structure, will help the company to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness and profitability, in line with the development of the company strategic objectives. The proposed reduction of China Xuan tech shares announcement, FSL's board of directors agreed to authorize the management from the board of directors passed the bill until the date of December 31, 2016, take the bulk of trading or centralized auction trading, law compliance, choose the holdings of some GuoXuan high tech stocks, to reduce the number of not more than 36 million 500 thousand shares at present, China Xuan tech not more than 4.17% of the total share capital. After this transaction, FSL holds China Xuan tech stocks will drop to 36506150 shares, accounting for about China Xuan tech total capital ratio was 4.17%. FSL: the company independent directors believe that the reduction of part of China Xuan tech stock company, in line with their actual development, in favor of the company's main business focus, optimize the asset structure, guarantee investment income, reduce the risk of capital market volatility. Konka Konka 7 months to buy Toshiba lighting, lighting officially launched the strategic cooperation and supply agreements with Toshiba lighting Ltd., mainly in the equity transfer and the transfer of assets, Toshiba lighting lighting business reception in China, involving an amount of over 1 billion yuan. Through this agreement, Konka also won the Toshiba lighting lighting in the mainland, Hongkong Chinese market "Toshiba TOSHIBA" right to use the brand. It is reported that, Konka Group Konka lighting is involved in the LED lighting industry company. Konka lighting through a series of integrated action, intention of the next 3 years to achieve 2 billion yuan, 5 year sales target of 5 billion yuan. Konka and Toshiba lighting lighting has signed the cooperation agreement in early December 21, 2015. Konka lighting responsible person said that the received Toshiba lighting business has now completed the integration, now officially completed the restructuring of personnel. Konka Group as China's old home appliance enterprises, at the end of 2008 officially entered the LED lighting industry, in 2013 the establishment of the Shanghai Konka Green Lighting Technology Co. ltd.. For receiving Konka Toshiba in China's lighting business, expert analysis, Konka Group has a considerable scale of the flow of funds, increase the profitability of business investment, is a normal part of the development of the company. The termination of the acquisition of Abison Artixium the evening of July 18th, Abison announced that, considering the complexity of the transaction and promote the uncertainty, the company decided to terminate the acquisition of Artixium DisplayLtd. (hereinafter referred to as "Artixium") 51% equity matters, and the notice of the decision on hand transaction. As early as May 9th, Abison had signed with Artixium "investment memorandum", invested $4 million 500 thousand acquisition of Artixium original shareholders held 51% equity. Data show that Artixium is a shareholder and all, founded by the European headquarters is located in Hongkong China LED display manufacturer, founded in 2014, mainly to provide pitch screen, screen product leasing. The core members of the Artixium team is mainly from Europe, Artixium innovative product design and strong ability. Abison said that the termination of the acquisition of development planning company display products in the field of sports and the Future Ltd will not matter, through endogenous development and extension of the way to seek development in the field of sports in europe. Three optical acquisition of universal semiconductor in July 14th, said the company's acquisition of optoelectronics, semiconductor is universal approval, but whether the approval is uncertain. Mainly engaged in the development and application of an optoelectronic semiconductor material compound III - V, focuses on gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, silicon carbide, aluminum nitride, indium phosphide, sapphire and other new semiconductor materials related to extension, chip as the core business, divided into visible light, visible light, communications and power conversion

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