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LED, the top high-tech halo, is increasingly popular among consumers. It is common to see the truth of the LED screen or decorate the festival atmosphere with LED lighting. However, the LED news below makes people laugh and cry, and even criminals are eyeing this high-tech gadget.

Chongqing taxi LED screen writes "robbed" stunned passers-by

Chongqing Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County police received a number of alarm calls the night before, saying a taxi dome LED screen appeared "I was robbed, please call the police" help information. Many passers-by were frightened, for fear that the robbery was taking place on taxis. One of the police officers described that night when the taxi dome LED screen had been flashing "I was robbed, please call the police". I thought it was the alarm signal issued by the driver.

Chongqing Public Security Bureau Patrol Police Corps yesterday confirmed that "robbery" was an incident of oolong and praised the enthusiastic alarm behavior of the masses. In fact, the taxi driver accidentally pressed the emergency button, and when the police found the driver, the driver himself was not at all clear about it.

30 million the K LED lamp can not escape the soul dog nose.

In Taiwan, the black market price of toxic owls is more than 30 million yuan, 72 kilograms K of the new Taiwan dollar (the same below). He lives in a LED lamp holder and is caught by 2 drug cannu Bernie (Bernie) and Mason (Mason) of the Customs Bureau of Keelung.

Keelung Customs Bureau Inspection Team dog inspection team 3 days routine inspection of national container terminal, Bernie and Mason two narcotics dogs sit in a group of imported lamps from the mainland, and have not yet declared the LED lamps do not go before, the inspectors check one of them, determine the LED lampholder holds K life.

With the freight company escorting the goods to Taichung addressee address, see the 20 year old man Li Xing man signed the receiver.

Li claimed that he was instructed by Lin's junior high school girl students to accept the shipment at a cost of NT $100 thousand. Lin daughter, who was named nicknamed "a monkey", gave her boyfriend 200 thousand yuan to collect the goods. Her boyfriend didn't dare to ask her to sign the receipt of her classmate.

The inspection pointed out that the LED lamps and lanterns were 39 boxes and 1404 LED lampstands containing 1 small packets weighing 150 grams K. He ordered a total of 72 kg after counting. After hearing the news, Cai man was authorized to arrest the drug lords behind the scenes.

LED is not a prime minister. In April this year, the Changhua investigation station also found a similar case. At that time, the drug dealer was hiding 80 kilograms of K in the LED battery box.


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