Li Qing optimistic about LED light permeability, the annual revenue of two digit growth period
Source: Date:2018-05-13

LED lamp module at the end of December 2017 the Qing Li Dachang automobile industry under the effect of the season, monthly revenue at the high reached 506 million yuan (NT, the same below), rewrite the single month record high, while the fourth quarter revenue is as high as 1 billion 393 million yuan, also a record high, quarter growth rate as high as 50.43%, better than expected corporate circle. Corporate estimates, the fourth quarter of last year E PS will see 1.4, 1.5 yuan for the year, last year, EPS reached 3.7, 3.8 yuan, will be better than the original forecast of 3.2, 3.3 yuan; Li Qing said that in January this year, the customer delivery strength slightly reduced, difficult to create, the February Chinese New Year holiday, March gradually into the off-season, this year the first quarter revenue this year is lower than the fourth quarter; mainland auto market The growth momentum is relatively slow, but the company is still optimistic about the LED light permeability, each car will increase in value, the battalion of the company exercise will be better than the market performance, annual revenue is still double-digit growth period.

Li Qing in December last year, revenue reached 506 million yuan, is following the December 2016 after the high high, also reflect the customer at the end of each active load pull of the traditional market, Li Qing said that the current growth momentum strongest customer for Shanghai Koito, revenue accounting has weight 3, and before joining because of the new supply chain by revenue than the surge The Great Wall car sales last year, due to a slower, annual revenue ratio to 16%.

Li Qing expected this year, Shanghai Koito will still play a growth momentum, because Shanghai Koito lamp factory for customers, wide distribution, including Volkswagen, SAIC, SAIC GM Wuling, FAW Volkswagen, with customers China positive from the market share, continue to see increasing demand; in addition, tiweixi to Da Mao Wei Ruike With kinetic energy, this year the the Great Wall car is flat.

This year, although the car is expected to only a small increase in sales area, but Li Qing have confidence in the overall market penetration of LED lamp increases, and the company is still the pursuit of customers accounted for growth, revenue this year to maintain double-digit growth.

Li Qing is also optimistic about this year Chinese energy policy, will help the LED light penetration will accelerate, due to low energy LED lights, especially in the short term there is no other alternative, LED front end last only for high order and high order brand cars, now generally, independent brands also began to use, and popularization this trend. Revenue growth momentum. Last year, Li Qing LED headlight revenue accounted for only 6%, then have the opportunity to look into the 1 estimated this year.

Legal assessment, Li Qing of last year's fourth quarter revenue reached 1 billion 393 million yuan, one quarter gross margin should be 2 to stand near the single season EPS up to 1.4, 1.5 yuan, than the legal circle expected, the annual EPS is at 3.7, 3.8 yuan.

Legal person said, Li Qing in the growth of 10~15% revenue this year, at 4 billion 500 million yuan, in order to watch the raising of LED headlamp, gross margin is expected to steady, the EPS will have the opportunity to stand 4 yuan, although this year's sales momentum than in the past two years, but the revenue and profit is to rewrite the record high.

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