In section three the two generation plant factory has been put into operation, after the Spring Festival will expand production capacity
Source: Date:2018-05-13

An important extension project in Quanzhou city as the photovoltaic industry chain in the Department of biology, plant plant project development high-profile Limited by Share Ltd. Recently, the reporter learned from the Quanzhou Municipal Commission by letter, the two generation plant factory part of the project, namely medicinal plants (Anoectochilus factory production line) has been officially put into operation, the first batch of anoectochilusroxburghii products have been sold out, after the Spring Festival will expand production capacity.

Not only that, the integration of solar energy project container plant factory production has been sent to the frontier, the height of five thousand metres altitude unmanned area for the first time in vegetable production, contribute to the protection of the frontier guards life supplies.

It is reported that in 2016, Fujian Sanan group to study plant China Institute Co sponsored the establishment of the Department of biological science and Limited by Share Ltd in Fujian Province, three plant factory construction, using optical biology technology and concept, technology research and development of plant factory and industry application, become the development of photovoltaic industry in our city Highlights of the project group.

Plant factory plant growth LED energy saving lamp as the light source, the refrigeration heating two-way temperature and humidity and light - coupled photosynthesis and CO2 gas fertilizer regulation, detection and control of online nutrition related control subsystem, real time to plant factory temperature and humidity, light, air, carbon dioxide concentration and The nutrient solution of environmental factors such as automatic control, intelligent management, to meet the needs of production plant health.

Now, the plant factory also play a great role in promoting the development of Chinese medicine industry. According to reports, the traditional planting herbs, often affected by pesticide contamination or pollution of heavy metals, and the content of effective components is not stable, will greatly affect the treatment effect of the formula. To plant plants for the production of Chinese herbal medicines, its yield and quality and effective components can be guaranteed. The project will choose some difficult to survive in the wild, difficult to replicate, it is difficult to get the traditional mode of production or cultivation mode can not cultivate, and in the factory can be cultivated by category, factory technical regulation for plant compounds and metabolites concentration, for the future development of bio pharmaceutical materials to open up new ways.

Source: Quanzhou network

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