Increase policy support, the establishment of the Nanchang silicon industry development fund LED
Source: Date:2018-05-13

17, the reporter learned from the government departments, Jiangxi Province issued "on the support of LED engineering technology research center of Nanchang science and technology achievement transformation national silicon implementation plan", give full play to the Nanchang state silicon based light emitting diode (LED) advantages of silicon LED original technology Engineering Research Center, accelerate the original silicon based LED Technology Industrialization, cultivate a number of original silicon LED technology based on the strength of enterprises and brand-name products, the development of LED industry in the province of Nanchang to build boost, Optics Valley.

Promote the silicon LED industry, bigger and stronger

Jiangxi Province, firmly relying on the leading edge of silicon LED original technology, seize the current opportunities and rapid growth of the LED industry, focusing on the silicon LED industry development node collaborative research, precise positioning, differentiated development, seize the market competition, promote the silicon LED industry bigger and stronger, for the province's scientific and technological achievements The transformation and integration of development, explore a new model to establish a new mechanism.

Jiangxi province to actively assist the silicon LED technology and related enterprises looking for strategic partners on the strength of the large central enterprises or private enterprises, vigorously promote the industrialization and market.

On the application, making the silicon LED technology commercialization development route, further optimize the technology, continue to reduce production costs, improve product cost, create a market advantage in technology. Aiming at the silicon substrate LED technology roadmap, increase research and development efforts, and constantly improve the comparative advantages of LED technology on silicon substrate. To strengthen the integration of research and development of technology and market depth, forming a virtuous cycle of development, promote the development of industry supporting industry.

To promote the development of the demonstration, to further increase efforts to promote the application of products. Increase support for the silicon LED products in government investment or government procurement. To promote energy-saving transformation of city infrastructure, application and application of enterprises and institutions in the use of silicon based LED products.

Nanchang City, the establishment of silicon LED Industry Development Fund

Jiangxi province will increase policy support. Strengthen the implementation of the existing policy on the basis of support, and from the land, capital, talent, science and technology innovation center, operation and other aspects to give policy and financial support.

Provincial industry guidance fund, "Chinese manufacturing 2025" special funds, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements of funds, loans through all kinds of special funds (funds) to increase the conversion of silicon based LED results support; the establishment of the Nanchang silicon LED industry development fund to support the project of industrialization of silicon LED.

Broaden the financing channels, financing support qualified enterprises; Nanchang City Industrial Development Fund to support enterprises to set up the silicon LED fund mergers and acquisitions, to encourage and help enterprises to carry out international mergers and acquisitions.

Increase R & D support for enterprise development, technology optimization and development projects, priority included in the provincial and municipal science and technology major projects to support; companies received funds to support the national major project, jointly funded by local and central government, industry and enterprises, establish a diversified investment system, organization and implementation of special focus.

To promote the popularization and application. On the independent innovation of silicon based LED products priority into the province at all levels of government procurement catalog. Encourage cooperation between LED enterprises, build the industrial chain collaboration alliance of enterprises in the procurement supply, supporting the production, as the purchase amount size, were given to the purchaser and the supplier must reward, incentive funds shall be borne by the municipal financial benefit.

Protect the land for the project. The center of industrial projects, priority included in the provincial key projects, promoted by the provincial level scheduling, help solve the problem of coordination, priority reservation, new construction land plan.

Support the introduction of talents. Increase support for team building, play the advantages of superposition talents policy, silicon LED technology industry the introduction of a high level of scientific research personnel and management personnel market.

For the world to attract partners, Chang innovation and Entrepreneurship

Jiangxi Province proposed to vigorously carry out precise investment. Focus on the introduction of a large central enterprises, the top 500 domestic and the world's top 500 enterprises in the field of lighting and application. Push forward the global partner program of silicon LED, adopt silicon LED technology cooperation for industrial development and a variety of modes, for the world to attract business partners to innovation and entrepreneurship in Nanchang. In the domestic and foreign well-known enterprises LED agglomeration held investment promotion activities, and strengthen domestic and overseas professional investment institutions, industry associations, chamber of Commerce cooperation.

To further enhance the support of technology innovation, and focus on key support platform of Nanchang National Engineering Research Center for silicon-based LED, semiconductor lighting package engineering technology research center and stronger, to accelerate the construction of national industry innovation center of silicon LED manufacturing, the formation of a high level of research team, build first-class discipline innovation base . Aiming at the key links and segments, to carry out scientific and technological research, in the steady development, vigorously breakthrough application, create a number of industry "singles champion", the development of a number of independent brand advantage.

To promote the National Center of photoelectric detection and other professional service platform, to provide third party product development, industrial design, technology services for enterprises, accelerate projects and industrialization.

Source: Nanchang Evening News

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