The lighting industry has "red" LED filament lamp road to fame
Source: Date:2018-03-28

This year both at home and abroad major exhibition, many companies have shown LED retro filament lamp, or filament lamp in the big big Xi popular network, have successfully attracted the filament lamp market to become the industry's most fire red net ""! As the LED industry in recent years "hot", compared with other LED products, with full angle filament lamp light, shape nostalgia is simple and elegant, higher luminous efficiency, more energy saving and other advantages. No wonder in the global LED lighting into the low growth channel at the same time, LED filament lamp can become the brightest in the night sky A new force suddenly rises., "light". Who do the filament lamp? Three types of enterprises to enter the LED field filament lamp as the new products. There are material, LED filament lamp has become the object of many enterprises pursued. From the current into the LED filament lamp enterprises in the field of view, there are three main types of enterprises, the traditional source, packaging enterprises and other related enterprises LED. 1, traditional light source enterprises, a breakthrough incandescent lamp transformation LED delisting, accelerate the transformation of the incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and LED lighting manufacturers to speed. Appearance of filament lamp, let the decline of the traditional lighting manufacturers regained its vitality, the transformation and upgrading of the industry had a positive role in promoting. 2, foreign enterprises to enter the market to attract hot package this year Guangya Exhibition, many enterprises are carrying LED filament lamp at. In addition to do light started the business, the packaging companies have also entered the field of LED filament lamp. 3, other LED companies sell fire to quickly keep up with in addition to the traditional light source enterprises and packaging companies, LED hot filament lamp immediately attracted many LED related companies to follow up, just a few years time, the industry has been the emergence of a number of new brands and manufacturers of LED filament lamp. How do? Is mainly to foreign trade domestic price war competition cruel LED filament lamp this year's volume compared with the same period last year the growth rate is very large, even in a market downturn, LED filament lamp performance is also very gratifying, most of the enterprises with foreign trade. Compared with foreign trade, domestic market based on price sensitive demand is less than normal, therefore, many manufacturers have already started to join the ranks of the price war, the price of more than 2015 total forecast in 2016 will decline. How the future development? The homogenization of fratricidal difference is the future from 2012 to 2016 in 4 years, Chinese LED filament lamp products have emerged from the mature, but the homogeneity is very serious, the market price war has been another round for LED filament lamp seems to have started, "rather tired want to starve yourself to death together" the potential. Part of the business of electronic screen door directly under the banner of "LED filament lamp minimum 3.5 yuan." This kind of advertisement. The intense competition has been no less than other light source products. The future, we need a lot of innovation. Source: town lights Fair

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