Northeast of China lighting market data: tipping billion market, Kanto prospects can be expected
Source: Date:2018-03-28

As China's old industrial base in Northeast China in recent years, the level of economic development is slow, the outflow of large amount of personnel. But because of its proximity to Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and other countries, has a good geographical advantages, become the open window in Northeast asia. Especially Heilongjiang is adjacent to Russia, as many brands of trade with Russia's image gallery. OPPLE, the United States, Taichang sunshine and other brands have set up shops. Shili River lighting store opened in Harbin, but also to fill the gaps in the Heilongjiang market of high-end stores. The reporter found from the survey, this year the Northeast two or three dealers in order to deal with the new normal under the high cost, profit decline in the market situation, to reduce inventory, reduce the cost or even zero inventory. With the logistics transportation more convenient, many businesses had from an agency to purchase, second days can arrival, save time and worry. And many a wholesaler price has great advantages, but also can reduce transportation costs and storage costs, getting goods from wholesalers and not to purchase a new trend of lighting production. There is still a chance of OPPLE brand derived from other channels NVC deep the research results, OPPLE, NVC in the area of considerable strength, lighting and lighting respectively in the first brand, and in the three or four line of the cities and counties channels has been very mature. From the local dealer agent situation, NVC, OPPLE and other brands did not form a market monopoly, according to local dealers, consumers do not have a strong brand awareness for lighting, and many other brands still have a chance to win the market. The main agent of TOP10 brand distributors in the Northeast District ceiling lighting products selling style three legged visited the research group learned that the northeast area about 6 dealers into the main lighting products, 4 main lighting products, retail accounted for more than 70%, about 30% of businesses in the wholesale and engineering. From the product structure, LED ceiling lamps and lamp tube big circulation, is the product of choice for local lighting products wholesale and retail. Lighting products three kinds of style and style, whether each one has its own merits, modern or new Chinese in the local market has its fans, and are fully reflects the pursuit of personalized consumer idea promotion. The Northeast LED lighting products circulation distribution in Northeast China lighting products distribution area in the northeast of the wholesale and retail lighting accounted for the youth is still the main dealer in shopkeeper mode must be changed and new marketing mode of new products, new technologies, 2016 continue to emerge, the lighting industry also need to adapt to the changes accordingly. But the backbone of the northeast region of the lighting industry is still in the 35-50 year old middle-aged boss, accounted for about 70%. Although a very long period of time this part of dealers in the past has made great contribution to the lighting industry, but in the new situation of new products for smart lighting and O2O new marketing model acceptance was lower than 85 after emerging dealer groups. From the store area, more than 400 square meters of large stores accounted for more than 50%, reflecting the local dealers still light weight scale of the traditional marketing mode of tradesmen. The main distributor in Northeast China northeast main age distribution dealer store area distribution

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