Four series of index July secret Zhongshan Ancient Town lighting market
Source: Date:2018-03-28

In July 2016, Guzhen Lighting price index released a total of five data were 125.18 points, 119.47 points, 117.64 points, 113.83 points, 114.5 points, the average monthly number at 118.12 points, compared to June fell by 0.30%. In the third quarter of the first month of July, the overall level of lighting and the price index of the first half of the two quarter remained at the same interval, fell 4.2% compared with the same period last year, performance is relatively flat. At the beginning of the month strong momentum, innovation is the highest point of 125.18 points, slightly later showed a continuous downward trend, in contrast with the June lighting price index trend, the market sentiment gradually calm, indicates that the lighting market in the final stages of seasonal adjustment. Four series index in July the average monthly number is "two or two down", as with the traditional off-season "counter", a lot of decoration items, jewelry exhibition in July Home Furnishing carried out to stimulate the lighting market, so in July the index rose obviously. Lighting products engineering demand continued to heat driving commercial lighting series index and lighting series index rose, and in the early months were hit 104.65 points and 146.21 points high. Outdoor lighting series index and light series index have different degrees of decline, though the latter is up slightly low, still can not escape. Four series index in July the average monthly number of "two or two down", in particular: commercial lighting series in July increased to 101.90, compared to June rose 1.45%; outdoor lighting series in July increased to 110.57 points, down 4.42% compared with June. Lighting series in July increased to 133.59, compared to June rose 0.98%; light series in July increased to 70.29 points, down 9.08% compared with June; (1) commercial lighting series index rose narrowed. Commercial lighting series July index at the beginning of the month at 125.18 points, followed by a continuous decline, rebounded slightly at the end of 114.5, the average monthly number of reported 101.90 points, three high index data from June narrow pull up 1.45%. The PPI index from the year the month year-on-year decline gradually narrowed, showing domestic industrial products especially the raw material prices are expected to rise on average, the cost for the commercial lighting post basement has some room to rise. With the second half of the lighting market is expected in the coming season, rigid demand for commercial lighting products will continue to stabilize and have increased significantly, an important factor in the fierce competition will become the homogenization of commercial lighting series index fluctuation. (2) outdoor lighting series of vulnerable index fell. Outdoor lighting series index in early July this year plunged to the lowest point of 97.93 months, rebounded to 117.9 points at the end of the month, volatility fell, the average monthly number of reported 110.57 points, down 4.42% compared to June. Outdoor lighting by consumer demand, interaction control technology, application consciousness and national policy, has been in a stable situation, the demand from engineering order batch purchasing, park construction, municipal construction and other projects in the third quarter of the active support of outdoor lighting series index fell after the rebound. With the application of LED in outdoor lighting is becoming more and more popular, LED application is bound to outdoor lighting more large-scale spread, it is expected that the recent market will continue to rise in the volatility of the demand for outdoor lighting products. (3) lighting series index fell after the first rise. Lighting series price index by the early July index falling trend, drag the overall fell 19.89 points, rebounded late, the average monthly number of reported 133.59 points, up 0.98% in June. The lighting market in June after the catalyst, at the beginning of July jumped to a high of 146.21, the recovery of tepid normal. Government regulation of the domestic real estate market structure reform has gradually relaxed and effective maturity, property transactions in a partial recovery, but the second half volatility is not too large, in view of the current domestic real estate market is becoming saturated in the future to the lighting demand the greatest impact is mainly concentrated in the 9-10 months of export, export season and exhibition activity period, is expected to promote the lighting series index and the index is built. (4) difficult to source index series. Series of light in July the average monthly number is 70.29, index trend in line with June, late to slow or upward, the chain fell 9.08% in June, the decline narrowed. Light source series index based on 5 and June fell on the recent heavy lift rally, all kinds of light source of raw material prices gradually stabilized at any time under the pressure fluctuation, is believed to be the source products demand to support in the index trend. With the seasonal adjustment phase towards the end of the next few months, light series index will continue to rise. Data from the point of view on the lighting market in the first half of 2016, the overall price index is relatively active, lighting atmosphere in the market downturn after the second quarter volatility adjustment, in the final stage with the back temperature trend in the third quarter. In accordance with the current situation of the lighting market, lighting enterprises should choose the development mode of "strengthening the economy, expand sales channels, improve product quality and service, to maintain strong competitiveness for the second half of the upcoming season and retail projects.

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