LED lamp "light formula" herbs bring higher yields
Source: Date:2018-03-28

The growth of a lamp rugosa in LED plants thrive under irradiation. Found in a herbal tea enterprise three Keng Zhen fresh area reporters interview before planting base using LED "formula" herbs, successfully bred, Dendrobium, three seedlings of Anoectochilus roxburghii. Into the greenhouse planting base is located in the three pit Zhen Beng Keng Cun fresh strong tea Co. Ltd., a row of LED lamp installation rack. LED light red, blue, exudes a soft light, under good growing seedlings of Chinese herbal medicine. "The growth of plants to photosynthesis, in a relatively confined space, plants can flourish, has a close relationship with the red and blue LED lights." Company general manager Pan Yueming introduction, the synthesis of blue light on chlorophyll, the promotion effect is obvious, red light promotes flowering and maturity, including the synthesis of sugar conversion. It is understood that the wavelength of the light photosynthesis need 400 to 700 nm, red light and blue light in the wavelength range of May this year, the base in Fujian province and Kasetsart University cooperation "spectrum cultivation", research can promote the LED lamp plant production, investment about 200000 yuan, the construction of greenhouses for the cultivation of medicinal herbs seedling. "Spectrum planting" can promote seedling growth rate, can inhibit some harmful effect on the seedling of bacteria and pests, avoid pesticide. Such as ageratum seedlings need four months in field cultivation, and through the spectrum of planting only twenty days to complete the seedling cultivation." According to Pan Yueming introduction, the seedling planting cycle, plant diseases and insect pests can be isolated, the seedling survival rate is higher, higher income. With a. roburghii as an example, such as in the field planting, the lodging rate of 30% - 40%, and through the spectrum planting, lodging rate is only about 10%. At present, the base through the spectrum of planting has successfully bred, Dendrobium, agastache Anoectochilus seedlings, and application in the field planting.

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