LED industry chain market prices ushered in a number of LED companies benefit
Source: Date:2018-03-28

825LED10%RGBLED Factors promote the enterprise LED market prices in March, Linsen Taiwan had crystal package prices for some products in the production of crystal electric until May 25%, prices rose 15%. Although there are some products of an optoelectronic small price, but the overall performance is relatively limited. August, three other chip companies prices are rising to varying degrees, including small and medium size three optical product prices go up 10%, HC semitek has also made the corresponding adjustment of low profit products; wood Linsen, nationstar on screen with RGB lamp price, rose about 5% in both. - market prices of some enterprises (click to enlarge) downstream demand is the key to the success of a price LED small spacing of market demand, rapid increase of unit area, LED lamp lighting demand secondly, overseas permeability improved rapidly, and in October 1st 16 countries ban the import and sale of 15W and above the incandescent lamp, again the rise of LED, special applications, including red, ultraviolet light, automotive lighting industry and so on, finally, the seasonal season also laid the foundation for the current price. Cost price promotion is the most direct cause of early after fierce competition at the beginning of material is reaching the bottom rebound, including substrate compared to June increased by more than 30%, compared with the beginning of gold increased more than 27%, and rising labor costs etc.. - gold prices significantly enhance the improvement of industry competitive structure is the cornerstone price LED industry over the past few years of intense competition, industry capacity to significantly, the first half crystal itself has cut production to boost prices, leading the industry concentration significantly improved. According to the industry survey, the follow-up industry price cycle is also expected to continue. Chinese enterprises accounted for ratio increased from 5% in 2009 to 25% in 2015. After the 2015 2016 price adjustment, the pressure has slowed down, prices fell by 15-20 percentage points, significantly better than last year, at a normal level. Small spacing LED demand, RGB products lead prices display applications accounted for 12% share of the overall application of LED application of LED market including general lighting, landscape lighting, backlight, display, signal and display, automotive lighting, general lighting in which 45% of the share is still the largest application market, accounting for about 12% of the screen, showing rapid growth situation. / LED downstream applications (click to enlarge) interval reduced, a substantial increase in demand led small pitch LED display space to enhance the most obvious and is presented to accelerate the upgrading of the situation. In a 2015 average of about P2.0, compared with 2014 median P2.5 products increased by 56%, lower, even lower than P1.0 products also emerge in an endless stream, interval will be further reduced. While the outdoor remote display products also have obvious reduction in size, it is expected that the P6.0 products will be popular, the demand increased by 178% compared with P1.0 lamp products. 3 outdoor LED display improve unit area lamp demand - small pitch LED display to improve unit area lamp demand small spacing of market demand, in the overseas market also began the rapid growth of the domestic display enterprises to maintain a rapid growth, the rapid integration of industry enterprises, promote the quality of domestic enterprise market has been significantly improved. While the small spacing products of higher technical difficulties, also have better market concentration. The domestic market in the first industry, government enterprise market application first to achieve a breakthrough, and gradually expand to the monitor, TV news and other markets, the future costs decline further, to DLP, LCD substitution effect is more obvious. Years including enterprises with small spacing of outstanding domestic Riyadh, Chau Ming technology to actively expand the overseas market, at the same time, Samsung, SONY, MITSUBISHI, NEC and other overseas brands also promote small pitch products, double flag, small pitch products appear rapid growth overseas. Demand growth is small, the price of the chip spacing beads enhance the important support. Chip and packaging technology supply, supply is relatively concentrated, such as three crystal power, as the main chip suppliers, Everlight, nationstar, Linsen beads package is the main business, the first to start price. LED display industry chain, especially the small pitch products industry chain will significantly benefit the enterprises benefit from the chip, package prices upward, LED display industry benefited from the economic development, some companies such as Sanan optoelectronics, Huacan, light, dry nationstar, LED chip and package Linsen enterprises, and Chau Ming technology, Riyadh, Abison LED small spacing enterprises. - domestic supply enterprises display rapid reduction / LED display market to maintain growth white products also hope price space lighting supply and demand continues to improve domestic high-quality enterprises share rapid promotion. China enterprises accounted for ratio increased from 5% in 2009 to 25% in 2015, high-quality enterprises such as Yankon global market share in 2016 is expected to reach nearly 3 percentage points. The integration of domestic LED enterprises more obvious, the LED company from 2014 more than 20000, dropped to 16000, the adjustment will be carried out in 2018 is expected to reach 10000 scale. Our company ^ LED (click to enlarge) LED into the stage of industry consolidation, particularly in 2015 2015 PHILPS open LED product price surge, followed by FSL, OPPLE, Linsen lighting and other lighting giants also have joined, the year prices fell more than 30%, to accelerate the industry adjustment. Giant also ushered in a sharp adjustment, OSRAM sold FSL shares, PHILPS shut down the plant, and actively seeking new buyers, Sylvania sold to audio etc.. According to media reports, GE lighting CEO announced since November 30th in the internal mail, GE lighting will terminate in all direct business activities in Asia and Latin America, and the recent of this month announced it would close its bulb factory, rumors of Bridge. - OSRAM lighting business contraction event in addition, according to the Chinese out incandescent roadmap released by the NDRC "(Draft)", from October 1, 2016 onwards banned the import and sale of 15 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting, this is the last phase out incandescent roadmap, also means that the incandescent lamp in October 1st will completely withdraw from the Chinese market. The first half of 2016 the national incandescent bulb cumulative production reached 2 billion 12 million, while in October after most of the incandescent lamp products face exit, LED industry will usher in a new market of up to one hundred billion. This brings positive for the major domestic enterprises LED lamps. - no white domestic progress although lighting supply structure is not as good as RGB, but the subsequent ban white Yiwang needs to improve, some small and medium size chips also have price space, chip + package accounted for about 10% of the proportion of the cost of the products, such as chip price increase on the terminal application is limited, and the demand of downstream market demand at home and abroad Zhao Minghai, no white the last stage is coming, individual product segments or by price, Yankon, FSL, OPPLE lighting has benefited.

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