Handan city lights energy-saving lamp LED lamps for more than 6000
Source: Date:2018-03-28

Handan night under the lights, flashing neon lights, like a bright pearl with this vibrant city. "In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving, reduce government financial pressure, Handan City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, the Municipal Engineering Administration Department of social capital to introduce the use of contract energy management implementation of energy-saving lamps in the city, at present, has been used more than 6000 light, LED lamps to replace the existing 7000 traditional lamps, all can improve the pavement illuminance, every year can save electricity 4 million 730 thousand degrees." Handan city comprehensive law enforcement bureau responsible person, Handan city is the province's first use of EMC to implement energy saving lamps city. 12 street has completed the transformation according to the introduction, Handan city currently installed 14391 functional lighting lamps more than 53000 light based, total power lighting has reached 8300KW. The annual road lighting electricity consumption reached 28 million 100 thousand degrees, the major task of energy saving and emission reduction. To this end, the Handan municipal people to find the best way to achieve the purpose of energy saving, energy management contract which is to choose a way. In order to realize the green lighting, alleviate the financial pressure, Handan Municipal Engineering Administration Department decided to introduce social capital to the use of contract energy management for the implementation of energy-saving lamps. The government does not invest by the energy company funded lighting renovation of old street, enhance the quality of city road lighting, can also save lighting electricity consumption to realize green lighting. Contract energy management model, enterprises benefit from saving electricity, in order to achieve the government reduce the investment and energy consumption, the enterprise returns, road illumination is improved, the convenience of the public travel win-win goal. With the mature scheme and multi test, with the development of technology, a new generation of lighting source LED gradually mature, Handan Municipal Engineering Administration at Yingbin Road, Renmin Road, Fu East Street and other sections of the test installation of the new LED lights. The detection China classification society quality certification through the national development and Reform Commission certified third party site, after the transformation of road lighting power greatly reduced, road illumination indicators have reached or exceeded the national standard, energy-saving lighting parameters meet the requirements of energy-saving technological transformation project. In February 28th this year, the Handan Municipal Government Procurement Center Street reconstruction project contract energy through public bidding, project performance of AVIC Tian Xu Hengyuan Energy Technology Co. Ltd. provides excellent, peer-reviewed bid, and signed a contract modification. This project by the China Aerospace Asahi agreed full investment, the energy saving renovation of LED street in Handan city street. The contract period and space Xu Hengyuan is responsible for the transformation involved and responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the lamp and the corresponding management, transformation of road illumination after the completion of the need to meet the requirement of the national standard. The first phase of renovation project successfully completed the Handan city street EMC energy saving project of the first phase of the project selection in road illumination standard Lower East Street (Fu Zhu River Road Cemetery Road), the street (uni-tex road - Zhu River Road, curved beam road - Road, Zhu Lianfang road - River Road, East Ring Road peak (welcome) Cemetery Road - Road), New Street (Congtai road - Road, North Road - uni-tex uni-tex loop), 107 North (Northern bypass - Harvest Road and 107 (South) Zhu River Road - South overpass), Qianjin Street (Fuxing Road - North Road), uni-tex (Chinese Street overpass, spinning spinning overpass bridge) - West, Zhu River Road (Handan circuit - Fu Dong Street), Handan Horse Road (South Ring Road - Airport Road), Airport Road (Handan horse road - Airport Road), Cemetery Road (New Street, China Street - bath) 12 road and State Road 107 south of the high energy consumption Energy-saving work North overpass, 34 high pole light. In the project, with long service life, high light efficiency LED lamp of energy-saving, more than 6000 light, LED lamps to replace the existing 7000 traditional lamps, in order to improve the surface illumination, the purpose of reducing energy consumption. In May 10th this year -7 month 30 days, Yu Tian in 110, the successful completion of the 12 road and lamp energy-saving work. After renovation, the city lights brighter and more beautiful night, road lighting and energy saving are reached. After the implementation of the project, the annual electricity savings of 4 million 730 thousand degrees, the contract period can reduce consumption of 37 million 840 thousand kwh, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 37736 tons, saving 15136 tons of standard coal.

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