Look at the semiconductor lighting industry 4 times, made the power of transformation
Source: Date:2018-03-28

With the charm of autumn increasingly strong, warm through the G20 summit, the second session of the 4 China semiconductor lighting industry summit will be held in Hangzhou in September 26, 2016. In response to "China manufacturing 2025", to promote the implementation of manufacturing strategy, with "Internet +" and "supply side reforms" and a number of measures to vigorously promote the construction of intelligent manufacturing, digital factory, to enhance China's semiconductor lighting industry in independent innovation, resource utilization efficiency, industrial structure, quality and efficiency of information, etc. the ability and level, the formation of a new mode of production, industry, business model and economic growth. In late August last year, the first Chinese semiconductor lighting industry summit 4 held in Hangzhou successfully, and achieved good social repercussions. This year, many enterprises should invite and consultation, the organization of the second national semiconductor lighting industry summit 4 China for Limited by Share Ltd photoelectric technology alliance national semiconductor lighting project combined with the third generation semiconductor industry technology innovation strategic alliance, Hangzhou. The summit of the semiconductor lighting transformation made the power "as the theme, in-depth discussion about China semiconductor lighting industry 4 progress, in-depth analysis of" 2025 "Chinese manufacturing promote China semiconductor lighting industry pattern and new opportunities, Zhao Mingzhi can make the path and way of semiconductor implementation, and the impact on the entire industry enterprise and change. At the same time, in the history of the development of modern world, mankind has experienced a steam engine, electrification and automation as the representative of the three industrial revolution era. However, now the real economy is still faced with the disappearance of the demographic dividend, management costs rising, users demand more and more personalized and other issues, the traditional "cost + brand + scale + technology = market advantage" business model has gradually lost its advantages; people consider how to open and innovative attitude, as soon as possible to import chip, robot, networking and other technology to support the industry in 4, each country has become the key to seize the commanding heights of the development of manufacturing industry. In the field of general lighting, oligopoly, inclusive of lighting products have been homogenization into a stalemate. The future of intelligent lighting industry for highly flexible, personalized information products production mode, LED light source can replace the traditional light source, the core value is controllable light. Through custom manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, the lamp fittings and to illuminate the specific environment or product combination, producing a lamp can show the best products. The modular is a trend in the development of LED lighting industry, lighting products will be standardized components for assembly, rapid response to the diverse needs of the market, to meet the needs of the different consumers. Intelligent production module to replace the manual automation equipment, namely using machines instead of people to complete the standard production action. Implementation of process control, instead of the quality management manual process, through the integration of intelligent equipment informatization, to strictly control the quality of products. With labor costs, management costs continue to rise, from large enterprises to small and medium enterprises in the lighting are gradually into automation production line. Following the "2025" after China manufacturing release, the State Council issued "to promote the development of big data platform for action", the "Outline" put forward "new ecological development, the prosperity of the high-end smart emerging industry. To promote the integrated development of big data and cloud computing, networking, mobile Internet and other new generation of information technology, to explore new formats, new collaborative development model of big data and traditional industries, promote the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries and the development of emerging industries, cultivate new economic growth point." The pace of, informatization development can not be stopped, the "Outline" release, can let the breath become more real and urgent. Of course, that big data is not industry 4. The advanced manufacturing industry on behalf of Germany proposed industrial 4 concept, is a hot word, have swept the world, and in the "2025" China manufacturing development plan, China industrial changes have also started brewing in 4. The summit will gather resources in manufacturing high-quality semiconductor lighting intelligent, inquiry in the national manufacturing power strategy, "China manufacturing 2025" policy background, LED lighting enterprises successfully upgrade, implementation method and path for intelligent manufacturing. Through in-depth research and case analysis of the summit, the early realization of automation, informationization, digitization, intelligent and unmanned factory to boost the construction of China's semiconductor lighting enterprises. Summit with international level, the leading professional event of semiconductor lighting intelligent manufacturing development, forward-looking, international and professional, from a global perspective, scientific analysis, in-depth discussions and exchanges, to provide the most advanced industrial development at home and abroad 4 messages, practical problems of concern LED lighting enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading. Analysis and automation, intelligent manufacturing equipment and production line of digital information and unmanned key problem research and means to share experience and practice of intelligent LED whole industry chain manufacturing; build IOT based solutions, intelligent manufacturing equipment manufacturers, LED lighting products production enterprises, industrial design, lean manufacturing, supply chain management the unit closer cooperation platform, combined with the practical theory and practical experience, practical scheme and practical application depth, In theory, intelligent solutions to practical guests understand, apply, have the effect of manufacturing.

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