Audio together two companies set up 150 million joint venture development of intelligent lighting
Source: Date:2018-03-28

September 22, 2016 audio announcement, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beijing Shenan Investment Group Limited company and Zhuzhou state owned Assets Investment Holdings Limited, cloud game Zhaopin Limited by Share Ltd jointly set up a joint venture company Cloud game Zhicheng (Zhuzhou) Company Limited (tentative name), a joint venture company registered capital of 150 million yuan. Among them, Beijing Shenan Investment Group Co., Ltd. invested 60 million yuan, the shareholding ratio of 40%. Notice that one of the investment partners cloud game Zhaopin Limited by Share Ltd is a listed company founded in 1993, and the first largest shareholder with audio for Shanghai instrument electronics (Group) Co., ltd.. The company's main business scope for networking technology development and system integration, cloud computing technology development and system integration; the big data technology research and development and system integration, computer network communication products, equipment and software, computer information system integration, computer network services, intelligent building products and engineering, traffic engineering and other business intelligence products. And other investment companies for Zhuzhou state owned Assets Investment Holdings Limited, is a large state-owned investment enterprise approved by Zhuzhou municipal government, the formation of the main business scope of state-owned assets investment and management; city infrastructure, rural infrastructure construction investment management; enterprise management consulting services. Audio said that the establishment of the joint venture to provide INESA solutions for the smart city of Zhuzhou City, there will be a modern service to the company from traditional manufacturing enterprises to provide smart city lighting solutions for the transformation of manufacturing enterprises, from the traditional to the development of smart lighting lighting. Will help the company with the wisdom of the city for the business platform, with wisdom street network for business starting point, to further expand the business scope and channels, enhance the company's market influence, the wisdom of the city lighting experts show the company's brand image, improve the level of intelligent lighting applications, accelerate the company in the field of smart lighting development.

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