LED industry segments of the major manufacturers have begun to snatch
Source: Date:2018-08-07

Since the signing of the agreement between the Plant Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Fujian San an Group Co., Ltd. has made the latest progress in the co construction of plant plants in the "light and biological industry", the LED plant factory will be laying the foundation for construction in Anxi and formally settled in Anxi. In October 2014, the Plant Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed an agreement with the Fujian San an Group Co., Ltd. to cooperate with the plant plant in the plant factory "low potassium vegetable" production workshop. This is one of the important measures to implement the "first action" plan by the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the important instructions by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. This cooperation is based on research and development, and hopes to promote the innovation and development of plant construction and related basic research in China. Plant factory is a subversive innovation to the traditional agricultural production mode. It makes agricultural production out of the natural ecological constraints, is not restricted by the seasons, terrain and environment. The annual continuous production of plant products is the most dynamic and potential of absorbing high and new technology in the process of modern agricultural industrialization. The field, which represents the direction of future agriculture, is still in its initial stage in China. Plant plants have considerable market prospects because of their outstanding advantages in efficiency, production and safety. According to the international industry forecast, by 2020, the annual output value of LED plant growth in the global market can reach hundreds of billions of yuan, and the output value of plants can reach hundreds of billions of yuan, and the potential of development is huge. In addition, the development of plant plants in China can greatly improve the efficiency of resource utilization, effectively solve the problem of "less land and less people", guarantee the national food safety, improve the level of agricultural modernization and promote the development of modern agriculture, and have a good future for the future. San an group's core enterprise, three an optoelectronic (600703, stock bar), is the leading enterprise in the domestic LED industry with independent intellectual property rights. It has mastered mature plant growth lighting technology and developed a LED chip that can be applied to plant growth lighting. It can be used in vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops and grass. The production of medicine and biological pharmaceutical raw materials. The Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a national authority on plant research with a long history of more than 80 years. It is the comprehensive research center of Chinese plant basic science. After years of research, plants have made important achievements in the structure and function of the photosynthetic membrane protein complex, the mechanism of cell suspension culture, photosynthesis for environmental adaptation, the development and application of plant wild resources and functional molecules, the cultivation of high yield and high quality resistant varieties and other core scientific and technical problems. A hundred patent inventions. The further cooperation between plants and San an group will help to combine the knowledge and technical advantages of Plant Science in the field of plant science and the advantages of San an group in LED research and development, promote the efficient application of LED to plant factory production, promote the development of high technology agriculture in China, and serve the food safety of our country. . After 5 years, the output value of 8 billion yuan can be created through in-depth study. The Chinese Academy of Sciences, the plant institute and the San an group co founded the Fujian Ministry of biology Limited by Share Ltd, giving full play to the advantages of agricultural science and technology, lighting technology, capital, marketing and marketing for many years, together with the development of the plant industry in China. The LED plant plant joined by the Chinese Academy of Sciences in San an group will settle in Anxi. According to the plan, the plant R & D and industrialization project is divided into 7 billion yuan for 5 years to build an area of 200 mu of the Institute of light biology, an industrial base covering an area of 300 mu, and a storage, marketing and distribution system. The Institute set up a northern branch and a southern branch and established an academic committee. The Academy was appointed by academician Kuang Tingyun and academician Fang Jingyun as the director of the academic committee. More than 20 famous scientists at home and abroad served as members, and more than 200 researchers would be engaged in scientific research. The Institute has 4 technical centers, such as national plant lighting technology center, plant growth technology and Engineering Center, resource development and Utilization Center, Detection Inspection and identification center, each center is led by academicians, and the academician workstation and post doctoral workstation are set up. The industrial base produces high value-added safe vegetables, Chinese herbal medicine, and rare plants used to extract anti tumor, antiviral and anti-aging plants. At the same time, the intermediate materials are extracted by cell suspension culture and extraction technology to produce health products and biopharmaceuticals. It is expected to create 8 billion yuan per year for the whole period. According to the arrangement, the plant institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the San an group will also increase the investment distribution in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, realize the integration of vertical division of labor, strengthen the market dominance, and strive for greater sales revenue in the LED light source, nutrient solution formula and automation system equipment, and further expand the cancer and cancer treatment drugs. Investment in research and development and the protection of rare and endangered species. According to the plan, "light biology" and plant factory R & D and industrialization projects are based on independent innovation, and will create a high production and high quality plant industrial demonstration base with scientific research, production, demonstration and hatching, and expand a new industrial cluster to bring obvious social and economic efficiency. In order to speed up the development of the production technology of plant plants in China, to form a high technology industrial system with independent intellectual property rights in our country, and to promote the competitive power of science and technology in the field of high technology in the international agriculture, it provides a strong industrial basis and protection. This network reviews: when the LED channel market is competing for life and death, some enterprises have begun to take the first step to subdivide the market. This is the best time, a worst time, a time when you are not dead or I live. The first step of the layout of the beach, slow people can only one step, slow step slow step. In the era of differentiated competition, the competition of the Red Sea market is difficult to survive and die, and the segmentation market of production alienation competition is like the blue sea. LED plant plant is well built, but it is not easy to operate. Therefore, LED lighting enterprises should start new thinking, to see the cruelty of the Red Sea competition in the new era, to think of the opportunities of the differential market, and to relocate and plan their own way!

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