The analysis of the future of the lighting market: the imagination is beautiful and the reality is cruel
Source: Date:2018-08-07

Maybe we would expect to have a 100 - point market, but the real market is not the same as in the imagination. However, what is the difference between the actual market and the ideal market? In the light of the current lighting and lighting market, five stars are the standard for the investigation and statistics of some enterprises and business representatives in the country. In the enterprise and business, the current market prosperity is three stars, and the market prosperity is general. Among them, the market recession is mainly manifested in: 1, the macro economic environment is not optimistic; 2, the traditional market is greatly affected by the electric business; 3, the industry competition pressure increases; 4, the market passenger flow drops sharply; 5, the real estate continues to be depressed, the commercial housing vacancy rate is high; 6, the industry shuffle is intensifying...... In addition, the market prosperity is 3 stars, the market hot spots are mainly reflected in: 1, the LED market continues to rise, the capacity is larger; 2, the market is still just still; 3, the market is optimistic; the 4, three or four market gradually expanded; 5, the engineering market slightly warmer... The current situation of lighting lighting market? Recently, from the feedback information, there are various problems in different markets, including: the price war of the products is fierce; the product is homogeneous and serious, the low-end products are flooded with the market; the lighting market is overdeveloped for a long time; the living space of the manufacturers is getting smaller and smaller... In this context, the industry integration and shuffling will continue to intensify, and the enterprises with lack of competitive advantage will be eliminated by the society. On the whole, the terminal lighting market is developing in the direction of standardization and diversification. First of all, the mode of operation is diversified. With the rapid development of the Internet, the electronic commerce in the lighting industry has grown rapidly, and it has become one of the business models that can not be ignored by the lighting manufacturers. Second, the price war of the enterprise continues to rise. Recently, with FSL, wood lighting, OPPLE lighting and native electric appliances and other well-known brand enterprises and other famous brands of T8 lamp price war, caused great sensation in the lighting industry. Finally, the integration of mergers and acquisitions is a trend. This year, "mergers and acquisitions", "integration" and other words have become one of the most popular words in the lighting industry, industry merger integration is the current industry trend. The future lighting market will still be "the survival of the fittest", and the innovative enterprises will grow steadily and steadily, and some of the small and medium sized enterprises that are not competitive will be eliminated for the industry. The market performance is not good, whose responsibility is greater? 1, the parties hold a word, from the "win" the distance from the regional market construction, both for enterprises and businesses are particularly important, is the joint development of both manufacturers, to achieve a win-win bond. For the enterprises, the regional market is well done to expand the regional market, take its own brand in the terminal and enhance the reputation of the enterprise. For the business, the regional market is an important base for its main sales performance and survival. In the face of regional market construction, more enterprises think this is a problem of its own, and will not push the responsibility unilaterally to the business. But in the same way to the construction of regional market, the merchants are more "willful" than the manufacturers. They think that the regional market is the responsibility of its own and the manufacturer's dual responsibility, and it is "brave" to take the responsibility unilaterally. The surface is pushed to the factory. 2, for the market to "buy", no one can escape on the one hand, the manufacturers are a community of interests, both sides have the responsibility to promote the construction of regional market, both sides jointly undertake and cooperate with the completion of the regional market construction, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation. On the other hand, regional market construction can not be completed by one force alone. As an enterprise, we should play the role of "playing the head" in the development of the regional market, open up the market for the merchants, and then use brand promotion, terminal construction, talent training and other ways to cooperate with merchants to do a good job in the regional market. As a businessman, they should play a leading role in the construction of regional markets and cooperate with the manufacturers in many aspects of the regional market.

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