Is lighting electric business a way of selling?
Source: Date:2018-08-07

The controversy between Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun, triggering a new signal for lighting business? Love with the market competition, the filament lamp can be attacked? The highest risk level, eye protection light does not protect the eye? We will read it for you one by one. Does the lighting enterprise want to cut off the electric business department? LED big guy has something to say! Point of view: is lighting an electric business, is it a marketing channel? Recently, Liu Qiangdong and Ma Yun had a discussion about whether to cut off the electric business department, and introduced the discussion of the lighting industry. "There are several departments in my company that are not outsourced, the services are not outsourced, the sales are not outsourced, and the complaints can't be outsourced," Ma Yun said. The mention of services and sales shows that, in addition to taking on other functions, e-commerce is at least a marketing channel. And for the vast majority of lighting enterprises, is e-commerce really a marketing channel? We investigated the online sales of Tmall lighting products last year, and found that in addition to the double 10, the basic mainstream brand lighting enterprise sales "calm and fearful"! In the interview, many of the veterans also said that the electric business is still in the exploration stage. For most lighting enterprises, after several years of efforts, e-commerce is still a strategic consideration, based on the future prospects "possible broad" a forward-looking layout, and several enterprises to remove the cost of manpower and material resources, in this profit? In addition, the trend of personalized lighting demand is obvious, many enterprises layout e-commerce, only for the collection and customization needs, and hope to convert this part of the demand into the purchasing power of offline sales. In this sense, e-commerce at best is an auxiliary means of promoting offline sales. So, in addition to a few brands, for the majority of business enterprises, lighting business, is a sales channel? With the prevalence of online purchase and consumption, the future lighting business may have more space for development, we look forward to the force of the major brands. Filament lamp observation: the profit of the patch is compressed 2016 times to the lantern war again and again? View: the competition with the market, the filament lamp can be attacked? The biggest bright spot in the rise of filament lights is almost the same form as incandescent lamps. From the beginning, it was built on people's feelings of incandescent lamps. Just this morning, Xiao Bian took aim at an article on the subway. The title was "the market for the enemy," and the supermarket. It seems to be a bit of a view on the lamp. Feeling this kind of thing, the little editor thinks it is the most illusory, it is a group of people or a generation of a complex, perhaps the older generation of lantern lantern has a feeling of unforgettable, but for the young generation, the real use of lantern, how many? The so-called feelings in the face of cruel market competition is like a layer of white paper, and a stab is broken. Return to the LED filament lamp itself, has been plagued by the problem of heat dissipation, power delay can not be larger, this is also doomed to its difficult to adapt to more application scenes, white is not a great hall. To solve the technical problems of their own, the product can occupy a place. Then look at the large number of giant lantern related lights, in fact, can not play the emotional card, take this opportunity to promote the creation, PHILPS also claims to do 0.8 dollars of bubble, but in the end will not be all of the products to do so, it is a strategy. General Administration of quality inspection: eye protection lamp is the highest risk grade! View: eye protection light does not protect the eye? Parents pay attention to it! The eye lights are stall! The National Quality Inspection Bureau recently issued the national quality supervision catalogue of key industrial products (2016 Edition). It points out that the quality and safety risk monitoring of the "eye protection" table lamp has been collected from the market. There are 32 batches of table lamps marked with "eye protection" or "no stroboscopic", including 30 batches of samples. This monitoring requirement, accounting for 93.8% of the total number of times, is listed as a quality I risk product, and is the only highest risk grade product in all lamps and lanterns. The article also points out that there is no compulsory standard and provision for the product category of the eye lamp, and it is simply what kind of lamp is, it is the eye lamp, no standard is understood, and "eye protection" is not scientifically defined at present. It can be seen that the lamps, which have "no strobe" and other functions, are just a marketing gimmick made by the manufacturers of lamps and lanterns. The poor quality of the "eye protection" lamp not only does not protect the eye, but may damage the eyesight, so the selection of lamps and lanterns is best to go to the regular shopping mall. Choose a good reputation brand, so as not to be deceived. In the end, the little editor wants to say that what lights are expected to be used to protect the eyes is not reliable, and the most important thing is to use the eye in moderation. LED lighting industry is the first project enterprise to be listed on the market view: the lighting engineering industry has turned to capital competition in June last year, there are three lighting companies entering the new three boards, but on the main board, the name is still the first. The engineering industry has not entered the capital market. It is understood that the business income of the famous foreign exchange is about 200 million. It is not very high in the field of lighting engineering. Why the larger enterprises do not choose to go public on the other hand, on the one hand, the natural property of its interest chain is not transparent, so that it can not be publicly contended in the capital market. On the other hand, it is not much for engineering companies to enter into large-scale business. It is a specialized company which integrates the planning, design, installation and construction of the whole city lighting project, and the development and production of LED lighting products. Besides lighting engineering, it also produces lighting products. Engineering lighting is an industry full of tension, which not only needs independent brands and scale enterprises, but also needs to connect with capital through industrial integration and listing to realize standardized operation and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. This also indicates that the market competition in the lighting engineering industry has turned to capital competition.

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