Seven key key words of LED industry
Source: Date:2018-08-07

Key words: the deputy director of the semiconductor lighting project management office of the Ministry of science and technology, China's Ministry of science and technology, has revealed that China's "12th Five-Year" plan LED lighting subsidy rules will be officially announced in this week, with commercial lighting as the main subsidy project. Market analysis, because commercial lighting in the overall lighting, the largest consumption of electricity, commercial lighting consumption of electricity, accounting for 43% of the overall lighting quantity. If the commercial lighting is used to distinguish the electricity by place, the amount of electricity used by the retail industry, the office and the warehouse accounts for 60% of the lighting power of the business. At the same time, the plan of the cooperation between Chinese state enterprise Putian group and Taiwan factory is mainly based on commercial lighting, and commercial lighting is expected to become the main market of LED lighting. In addition, China has given priority to local enterprises before the enterprise subsidies, with joint venture background enterprises, but the standard of the subsidy is not only included in the local factory manufacturers, but also the focus of the product specification through energy saving certification. The beneficiaries of the LED plant are expected to be improved. Key words: in March 5th in Optics Valley, Nanchang, the representative of the National People's Congress and Guo An, mayor of Nanchang, said in the "two meetings" that the breakthrough of LED silicon substrate technology is the pride of Nanchang people. By 2020, Nanchang Optics Valley LED lighting should finish 100 billion of the target, so that Nanchang should be the top of the country in the overall scale of LED. At the same time, in the target of the planned 159 plan, ten thousand VR technicians will be trained and one thousand VR key enterprises are landed in Nanchang. This year, Professor Jiang Feng of Nanchang University has received the only one prize of the first prize for technical invention from the general secretary, which is the LED silicon substrate technology. This technology realizes the transformation from the achievements of science and technology to the whole industry, and there are third silicon substrate routes for the LED lighting technology route from the sapphire to the silicon carbide. In order to make the overall scale of the LED at the forefront of the country's LED, all the work is being laid out. Key words: Pan Gongsheng, the CPPCC member and vice president of the people's Bank of China, 8, said the basic characteristics of the current real estate market in China are overcapacity and regional differentiation. Therefore, the basic logic and overall tone of the adjustment of housing credit policy is "the policy of applying to the ground". First, the northern, upper, wide, deep and other limited purchase cities are treated differently. For example, the recent two policy adjustments exclude the restricted cities from the policy implementation, and these cities are still maintaining a high minimum down payment requirement. The two is to emphasize the self-discipline of the market and the independent decision of the commercial banks. At present, the national unified minimum down payment policy of housing loans is moderate and prudent. On the basis of following these policies, commercial banks make decisions independently. Three, the people's Bank of China, based on the quality of real estate loans, regional concentration, institutional robustness monitoring, analysis and evaluation, to strengthen the macro Prudential Management of the housing financial market. Pan Gongsheng said that the next step, the people's Bank will further implement the requirements of the city to improve the regional differentiation of housing credit policy. Key words: irrational prosperity, the market is the most hot in the market, how to look at the current property market? Experts have written in recent years, through the United States, Japan's forward, suggesting that the current Chinese property market is "irrational". At present, the total value of China's first tier cities can be bought by the United States, according to the Research Institute. At present, the price of the first tier cities is soaring, and Shenzhen is rising beyond the "brilliant" period of New York. From the international experience, the rent ratio of the first line cities is rising sharply, indicating that there are irrational factors for the residents to buy a house, and the risk is accumulating. According to the data of the joint survey in 2015, the vacancy rate of housing in the first tier cities is 22%. This shows that the expectations of rising house prices will attract no or temporarily no housing demand for residents to join the "army", pushing up house prices in a short period of time. Key words: spectral transmission LiFi is a new kind of wireless network connection technology, mainly through the visible spectrum to realize the propagation of wireless data. And recently PureLi-Fi has shown a product of LiFi, making it no longer in the design and theory. The product PureLi-Fi shows is an U disk shaped adapter with a device for receiving light signals and an infrared lens, and a LiFi - compatible LED lamp and launcher above the booth. In the display, the transmission rate of LiFi is up to 40Mbps, and the stability is stronger in the direct light, and the edge of the light will be reduced, and the light will be diffracted, so the connection can be carried out at the periphery. LiFi's advantage: Harald Burchardt points out that "in the Li-Fi environment, the total capacity of the data will be improved, and the light can not go through the wall, so that, compared to Wi-Fi, the network we create will have higher security." Key words: iF Design Awards designers dream of the iF design awards, in February 26, 2016, Munich, Germany, the BMW World Awards ceremony. More than 2000 guests participate in the awards ceremony to witness the design community and communicate with world - class designers. The two Zumtobel products have been awarded the design awards, they are Supersystem II LED and Supersystem outdoor. Among them, Supersystem outdoor is the first product of Zumtobel's entry into the field of outdoor lighting. The perfect combination of the excellent design of the two products and the high efficiency lighting technology makes a deep impression on the judges of the product design category. Before, Zumtobel's products have won the iF design award several times, and this award is a continuation of this brilliant achievement. The iF design award was born in 1953 and is considered to be the most authoritative competition in the international design community. All the award-winning works are selected by the independent judges under a series of strict evaluation criteria. The jury is made up of designers, entrepreneurs and scientists from all over the world. The iF design award is a vane for future design and product innovation. Key words: Blackstone Group L.P. (BX) has been competing with onex Co. (OCX.T) for the lighting business of Royal PHILPS (Royal Philips NV) with the new buyer media. The value of the business may be between 4 billion 500 million euros (about $4 billion 900 million) and 5 billion euros. The two North American private Holdings Company competitors are Apollo Global Management LLC and British investment company Melrose Industries PLC, which is based in New York. One of the insiders said the two companies joined together in order to share a large proportion of shares in the success of the bid and set up two directors on how to improve the performance of the Department. They also have loans to finance the part of the transaction. PHILPS spokesman Steve Klink wrote in an email that PHILPS is assessing all strategic options for PHILPS lighting (Philips Lighting), including the initial public offerings (IPO) and private investors for sale. He said PHILPS is expected to announce the stripping of lighting operations in the first half of 2016.

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