LED industry is gradually warming up and diversifying the trend of development
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In 2015, the LED industry was very difficult, LED enterprises run, closed, merger, reorganization, the whole industry is constantly adjusting, shuffling. What is the future of the LED industry in 2016? Industry gradually warmer in 2015, large-scale mergers and acquisitions, the tide of collapse swept the entire LED industry, more than 4000 LED enterprises in the fierce market competition, a time, "cold winter" covering the whole of the 2015 LED industry. Zhang Xiaofei said that last year, the whole LED industry was homogeneity, the price war was fierce, and the polarization of the industry intensified, which led to the LED industry's merger and acquisition tide and drastic shuffling. "LED enterprises integrate merger and acquisition, and are mainly listed companies, the size of funds used for mergers and acquisitions from the minimum of tens of millions of yuan, hundreds of millions of yuan to hundreds of billions of yuan." He Zaihua, a senior researcher at CIC consultant, told the reporter. According to statistical data, as of November 2015, the amount of merger and acquisition in China's LED industry reached 40 billion 800 million yuan, and 53 cases of merger and acquisition, compared with the total amount of 6 billion yuan in 2014, up 580% from the same period. Among them, there are 39 cases of M & A of over 100 million yuan, accounting for 73.6%. In addition, the number of LED enterprises in 2015 reduced by more than 4000, and in 2014, the number of enterprises was as many as 2 million. However, the industry believes that, after the baptism of 2015, the dominant enterprises in the LED industry will usher in the spring in 2016. LED industry has a long industry chain, including upstream epitaxial film growth, mid stream chip manufacturing, downstream chip packaging and applications. It is expected that the LED market scale growth rate will remain above 30% from 2015 to 2017, and the size of the LED market in China will reach 748 billion 500 million yuan in 2017. The market has great potential. At present, there are too many small and medium-sized enterprises in LED industry, the concentration of industry is not enough, the industry resources are scattered, overcapacity and backward production capacity are eliminated, and the industry transformation and upgrading are imperative. It is worth noting that, under the situation of the further adjustment of the LED industry, the dominant resources will be further focused on the industry leading, and the industry will gradually show the situation of "big people everlasting". He Zaihua believes that the frequent mergers and acquisitions activities will promote domestic enterprises to go abroad, and continue to learn foreign advanced technology and improve the technology content of products. However, the domestic LED industry is competitive, and the demand for the future LED market tends to be saturated, and it is difficult to change the surplus capacity in the short term, so LED enterprises need to Repositioning, shifting the direction of development, looking for new growth points, and accepting severe challenges. Small spacing enters the outbreak period "with the continuous development and maturity of small spacing, small spacing LED products will enter a wider indoor application market, and enterprises will have a wider range of development space. At the same time, with the small spacing of LED production capacity growth, its products will be further promoted, and the price of products will also be lower." It is easy to be accepted by the consumer. He Zaihua told this reporter. At present, the display market has been very mature, the competition is more intense, in the case of the decline in the traditional display of business growth, the growth of small space LED capacity has become the biggest bright spot. It is understood that the outbreaks of LED small distance products have greatly increased the performance of the listed companies of A shares, such as yader, Chau Ming technology, Otto electronics and co - construction optoelectronics. Lyad 2015 annual report shows that the company's LED small spacing performance is beautiful, LED small spacing to achieve high-speed growth (three years compound growth of more than 70%), LED small distance global market share is higher than 50%. The latest research report of Zhejiang Merchants Securities believes that since lad officially launched the LED small gap in 2012, it has doubled its performance with the industry's explosive growth. In 2015, it realized 1 billion 160 million orders, up 73% over the same period. Based on the advantages of the small spacing of LED for the suppression of DLP technology, the high-end splicing market will be gradually occupied by small spacing. At the same time, the small spacing of LED will be the fastest growing and the most determined fine molecular industry in the downstream application industry of LED. The industry says, with the decline in raw materials such as bulbs and technological advances, small spacing products will gradually increase in the commercial market. Yad said in March 23rd on the investor interaction platform that this year a small interval was in the outbreak. However, Li Jun, chairman and general manager of the group, said that because of the high technical threshold of LED small distance TV, the products of different companies will have a big gap in stability and quality after reaching a certain scale. The traditional LED industry has been growing slowly. In the face of the new situation of the industry, some enterprises, while developing and consolidating the main industry, will also focus on other fields and try to diversify their development. For example, leiad layout and cultural industry, Lehman shares (300162, stock bar) Nuggets sports industry, Mao Shuo power supply (002660, stock bar) investment 480 million photovoltaic grid connected power generation project, Shunchang (002245, stock bar) to invest in integrated circuit chip projects. Taking Li Yad as an example, after the acquisition of Li Feng culture and Jin Lixiang, it began to complete the overall layout of Cultural Tourism Performing Arts. At the same time, Yad strengthened the VR technology research and development and introduction of the commercial field, investment participation in the content production company, integrated black crystal technology, the tiger image, Holland Dimenco and other cooperative resources, focusing on the layout of cultural entertainment park, cultural and technological experience Museum, performing arts, the goal directly refers to the VR business leader. "Riyad is no longer a traditional audio-visual product manufacturer." At the recent strategic conference of the lead group, Li Jun stressed that the future business strategy of the lead will implement "cultural technology + finance", making it a financial and technology financial operator, audio-visual product provider, audio-visual solution provider, audio-visual cultural experience operator, and audiovisual cultural industry chain investor. Under the guidance of the new strategy, Adam will become a global audiovisual culture group. How to achieve this strategic upgrade? Li Jun revealed that, first of all, Yad will upgrade the technology products from "hard" to "soft" by increasing the business occupation of software and services. Secondly, through audio-visual application overall solutions, it will upgrade Yad from traditional small integration to large integration, and again, listen to cultural experience projects and investment audio-visual culture through operation. The content industry, from "technology + culture" to "culture technology +", eventually upgraded to "culture technology + finance", and finally, through capital operation, upgraded the yadad group to "billions of yadad". He Zaihua believed that the development strategy of "cultural science and technology + finance" was formulated by Yad, and a audiovisual culture transnational group was created through asset merger and acquisition. "Riyad will accelerate the expansion of the overseas market, promote the continuous improvement of domestic enterprise production technology, at the same time, actively layout VR, realize the application of LED small spacing display technology and VR technology, promote the establishment of VR industry chain, and promote the rapid development of enterprise performance."

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