The falling price of LED packaging has become inevitable
Source: Date:2018-08-07

According to the latest price report, the average retail price of the LED bulb that replaced the 40W incandescent lamp in April dropped 5.9% to $9.7, and the LED bulb that replaced the 60W incandescent lamp fell 7.2% to $13.1. Yu Bin, an analyst at LED, said that because of the arrival of the May Day holiday, many manufacturers in China have adopted low price promotion strategies, the price has declined obviously, some other Asian regions have some low price new products, lower the overall average price, and the European and American regions continue to fall. China's LED packaging, in April 0.5W LED 5630 and 2835 LED components prices continued to fall, 0.2W 2835 LED products and 1W 3030 LED products prices fluctuated very little. Market demand gradually turned to middle power, the price fell to the first half of 2015, the 0.2W LED product market demand is the largest, the price is fierce, so far there is no big price space. And in the second half of 2015, under the guidance of LED packaging manufacturers, the demand for power LED market in 0.5W has gradually increased, more and more manufacturers have entered, and the price decline is inevitable. In April, the price of 5630 LED fell to 6.5%, including many international brands, including music, Lumileds and so on. The price of the product was down to a certain extent; the medium power 2835 LED had become the main package specification of the lighting market, and the price of April fell by 1.2%. During the May Day promotion season, the average price of LED bubble lamp in all regions of the world was generally declining to replace the 40W part. In April, the price of the United States dropped by 6.3%. Many famous brands including CREE and PHILPS took the packaging promotion strategy, and the price fell significantly. Such as CREE 6W 465lm bulb lamp, the price of 8 loading is only 28.4 dollars, and the decrease is 16.4%. China's April price dropped 4.4%, the may one holiday made many manufacturers to hold promotional activities, such as the thunder 7W bulb, price 3.55 dollars, down to 10%, other brands of products including FSL, PHILPS, and so on, the terminal price has declined. European prices continue to decline, and other parts of Asia are also introducing new products, the overall average price decline. Instead of 60W, Germany's price continued to fall 5.2% this month after falling prices on the month. Prices have fallen month by month in the United States this year, falling by 2.8% in April, with a slowdown in the range. In order to meet the May Day holiday, including the international manufacturers PHILPS, bizarre and Chinese manufacturers, FSL and other brands, the product prices are down, the overall average price is 6.3% decline. Britain and the United States continued to decline, after the previous period of continuous rise in Japan, the price decreased in April, South Korea, Taiwan, the introduction of low price new products, the price of a larger decline.

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