The state has introduced new foreign trade policies to seek "overseas enclosure"
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In May 5th, the State Council issued a number of opinions on promoting a better foreign trade stabilization, and launched 14 policies and measures from 5 aspects. The opinion indicates that the "full play of export credit insurance", "vigorously supporting foreign trade enterprises financing", "further improving the level of trade facilitation", "adjusting and improving the export tax rebate policy", "reducing the standard part of the related fees", "further perfecting the policy of processing trade", "carrying out active import" Policies, "accelerate the cultivation of independent foreign trade brand", "strengthen the protection of foreign trade intellectual property" and so on to promote the development of foreign trade innovation, to achieve a better foreign trade. No doubt, this time, the national level of this big profit policy issued a batch of foreign trade business LED lighting enterprises cheerful, hot, "export market, we have not given up! We don't miss it! " According to the data published by the China Lighting Association in 2015, the export of lighting products was 22 billion dollars, 30 billion dollars, 35 billion 700 million dollars, 41 billion 500 million dollars and 45 billion 300 million dollars respectively, and the export volume of LED lighting products was 2 billion dollars and 35 respectively, according to the data published by the China lighting and Electrical Association. Billions of dollars, $7 billion 100 million, $9 billion, and $10 billion 800 million. Statistics show that the export of China's lighting products reached 45 billion 300 million US dollars in 2015, up 9% from the same year, of which the export of LED lighting products reached $10 billion 800 million, an increase of 20% over the same period. According to statistics, 1-11 months of 2015, LED lighting products export 9 billion 281 million US dollars, up 12%, the top ten of the LED products are bulb lamp, lamp tube, panel lamp, lamp, light belt, tube lamp, light, street lamp, stage lamp and courtyard lamp. It is worth noting that in the top ten LED products, the LED street lamp exports $180 million, an increase of 74.1%, the largest increase in the top ten exports. It is reported that in the 1-11 month of 2015, the first five countries of the export scale were the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and Brazil. The export of the US market accounted for 23%, 5.4 percentage points compared to 2014, and the export volume of the UK market accounted for 3.5%, and 0.3 hundreds more than in 2014. The export volume of the export Brazil market accounted for 3.1%, 1.8 percentage points higher than in 2014, and the export ratio of Germany and Japan declined. Expert analysis pointed out that the export of lighting industry in 2015, especially the export volume of traditional electric light source, was largely declining, mainly from the export growth of LED lighting products. In 2015, the growth of China's overall economic situation slowed down gradually, and the growth rate of the lighting industry was also lower than in previous years, and it was first dropped to the number of two digits for the first time in more than ten years. However, from the overall point of view, the growth rate of the export of lighting products is still higher than the average level of all industries in the country. With the increasing demand of the overseas market and the more intense competition in the domestic market, "going out" has become another magic weapon for the lighting enterprises to better realize the "running horse circle". In the past two years, the enterprises represented by the brands of wood, sun lighting and National Star optoelectronic are drastically laying out the overseas market and gaining a lot in the road of "oversea Nuggets". Needless to say, under the stimulus of "along the road", the export market has a "good scenery" situation, and the recent national new policy of good Polly, the export of lighting industry has inserted the "soaring wings". Looking directly at the real difficulties and talking about the "oversea Nuggets", although the export growth of the lighting products is still higher than the average level of all industries in the country at the present stage, and relative to the "investment", "high pressure" and "complexity" of the domestic market channel construction and brand building, the export market seems "simple", but it is not "easy" "." Like other enterprises, LED lighting enterprises have to face the problems of sustained global economic weakness, RMB exchange rate turbulence, low price competition and so on in the overseas market. They are just like a "block tiger", let the export-oriented enterprises say: the Nuggets overseas are not as simple as you think. The global economy is weak and export growth is weak. Taking the sales of lighting industry in 2015 as an example, although the export volume of lighting products in 2015 was 45 billion 300 million US dollars and increased by 9% over the same period, this is the first number of figures for the first time since the sales volume and export volume of China's lighting industry kept the two digit increase in more than ten years. It is reported that the growth of the export of lighting industry in 2014 was 15.5%, compared with 9% in 2015. From the macro point of view, the current lighting products are indeed faced with the real problem of slowing down the growth rate of exports of foreign trade, which means that this year or a number of lighting enterprises focusing on export are difficult. The entrance threshold is improved and the price competition is fierce. Li Dichu, chairman of Shenzhen Kang Ming Sheng, said in an interview that at present, there are more and more foreign enterprises, more and more pressure, more and more fierce competition, especially in the price competition, but for lighting enterprises, "bundling a foreign customer" is becoming more and more difficult. At the same time, the global economic environment is not ideal, OSRAM, PHILPS and other international lighting brands are ingrained in the local market, while Western Europe, North America and other markets have continuously improved the market access threshold in recent years, coupled with the overseas implementation of market protection mechanism, the RMB exchange rate and other reasons, making the lighting export enterprises in the country. The market is facing more and more pressure on the market. The lack of independent brand and weak consciousness of safeguarding rights. For the current domestic lighting enterprises, because of the lack of independent brands, it is difficult to expand the international market. The export processing enterprise is still at the lowest end of the industrial chain. "The lack of brand awareness" has caused the enterprise sales behavior, marketing strategy and brand construction incompatible, making the brand in the consumer's mind not to be well established. At the same time, the problem of intellectual property rights of LED industry is related to the sustainable development of the whole LED industry. If it can not be properly solved, it may lead to a series of industrial crises, especially in the case of the competition with international brands. In the overseas market, the phenomena of the product homogeneity and the vicious price competition are constantly emerging in the overseas market, and the industrial profit is difficult to be transformed. To see the "Yangtze River Delta enterprise" and "oversea Nuggets" is not easy to do, for domestic lighting enterprises, only according to their own actual situation layout of the export market, and in the operation to find the market, find the right way, so that good results can be achieved. This year, the global sales network of Jiangsu Darren shares, chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Darren shares, Jiangsu Darren's main export market in Japan, Singapore, Germany, Holland, Italy, Czech and so on, the product sales have been very considerable. In 2015, the overall sales of products were on the rise, especially after October, up by about 50% year on year. Our products account for about 70% of the products, and the main markets are Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe. Our company has a sales company in Japan, Singapore, Italy, Holland, Czech, and the UK. In 2016, in addition to continuing to develop several existing sales companies, we will also develop new markets such as South America, North America and Australia, and deploy a global sales network. In the competition, we help the development of the enterprise with the help of the patent. At present, the company has more than 200 patents. In the export market, especially the appearance design patent can not be guaranteed. In 2015, several companies were sprung up for our products. The products were sold to the European market. The quality of our products was low and the price was random. It seriously affected our brand image and product sales. It also blackened the quality of "made in China". In this regard, we have recourse to the law and jointly sponsor the rights both at home and abroad. We hope to use legal weapons to protect their patents and stick to their own market share. For us, the technical advantage is the first place, high technology and new technology are the base of good products and good brands. Therefore, we must pay attention to the improvement and innovation of technology and lead the future development trend of the LED lighting industry. In the product aspect, the enterprise should pay attention to the research and development of new funds, adapt to the market demand and even lead the market, in order to win in the competition. In addition, the export channels must be diversified, the ODM of the big brand and the sales of our own brand are both in line, and the global export network is developed. In 2015, Zhang Youcheng, Minister of import and export of Anhui Shilin lighting, accounted for 60% of the total sales share of Anhui's world forest lighting in 2015, and achieved a 12.76% increase compared with the same period in 2014, and the overall market tends to rise steadily. The export market has also been the main direction of Anhui Shilin lighting. In 2016, the export market is promising. Anhui Shilin lighting will open a new situation in the middle and high-end markets such as Europe and strive for the new level of export sales in the whole year. In the competitive export market, the following 4 points should be done to seize the larger market share: 1, the product should be diversified and the variety is complete. Anhui Shilin lighting products involve incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent light machine LED light source, covering the first to third generation of light source products, which can meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions. 2. Different countries and regions require different technical performance. Anhui Shilin lighting makes full use of the independent research and development force of Technology Center, engineering research and development center and postdoctoral research station, and strengthens the cooperation with well-known lighting enterprises at home and abroad, professional research and development and testing institute, and constantly improves the world forest products. Technical level, at the same time to meet the requirements of different customers. 3, Anhui Shilin lighting began to export through foreign trade companies in 1994, and gained self export right in 1997. Through the development of more than 20 years, the company has established a perfect sales channel in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. 4, Anhui Shilin lighting attaches great importance to the construction and publicity of the brand, the leading trademark "SHILIN" was identified as "China's well-known trademark" in 2015. In the field of export, Anhui Shilin lighting LED products have also been awarded the title of "Anhui export brand products" for many years. In addition, Anhui Shilin lighting also actively participated in the international exhibition of international lighting, such as Guangzhou Fair and Frankfurt lighting exhibition, to promote the products and enterprise culture of Shilin lighting to the global customers. At the same time, through the OEM international famous brand products, the enterprise's independent brand products are gradually popularized. Accurate positioning, intelligence first, and doing their own Zhejiang Jinling lighting marketing director Li Zhipeng Zhejiang Jinling in 2015, Zhejiang Jinling market share has dramatically exceeded domestic sales, thus realizing the "three year two transformation" market across, sales increased by 23% over the previous year. In the layout of the export market, the traditional customers of Jinling are mostly distributed in South America, Middle East and Southeast Asia. In 2016, we were also working to increase the distribution of Central Asia and Eastern Europe, including Russia, which had great potential. In my view, to force the export market, we should do the following three points: the first is to "precise positioning". When we are doing traditional lighting, we make OEM suppliers for the world's three major lighting giants. In the overseas market, we first developed markets in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South America, which are relative to each other.

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