What are the "big guys" in the LED display industry in June?
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In June, the "sex" flew over, and people could not help feeling "the time is too fast"... To say the right thing, in June, the LED screen circle like the increasing temperature, enthusiasm only increase, investment, mergers and acquisitions, cross-border, cooperation, buying... Everyone is so busy, and of course, it won't miss the most popular European Cup. June LED display enterprise dynamic overview 1, Yad Hongkong continuous investment in virtual reality industry, Leah German subsidiary company Li Yad (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Yad Hongkong"), the investment to establish PV ML LLC (abbreviated "Special Purpose Company"), the company and the world know AR technology company Magic Leap, INC. ("Magic Leap") the original shareholder Legend Pictures, LLC signed the "equity transfer agreement", and recently obtained the Magic Leap signed equity certificates. At the same time, Hongkong and VR technology company VIRTUIX HOLDINGS INC signed the "equity subscription agreement" and "strategic cooperation agreement" in June 16th. It subscribed $500 thousand from Hongkong to subscribe to the VIRTUIX company's 214408 preferred shares. At the same time, based on the strategic partnership between the two sides, VIRTUIX has agreed to grant a warrant for the purchase of the A series of preferred shares in Hongkong, and the Hongkong can purchase 42002 shares of A priority shares on the basis of the warrants signed by both parties. 2, Chau Ming left hand in the left hand of the right hand glume virtual and digital shoulder in June 21st, Chau Ming technology and Shenzhen City Wonderland Information Technology Co., Ltd. formally signed the "strategic cooperation agreement". In accordance with the principle of complementary advantages, win-win cooperation and continuous development, the two sides carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation in the fields of virtual reality and visual display in the future. On the same day, Chau Ming technology and glume technology also signed a strategic cooperation contract. One is the leader of the application field of China's LED display screen. One is the founder of the Chinese digital marketing communication system. What kind of spark will be wiped out by the combination of the two? 3, Abison 122 million yuan purchase property in June 20th Abison issued a announcement, the company intends to use its own funds to buy the Bantian street, Shenzhen Longgang District Tianan cloud Valley Industrial Park, 3 buildings, 8, 9 and 10 floors, the building area of 4722.93 square meters, the total price is not more than 122000000 yuan . Abison said that by buying real estate in the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, the company can meet the strategic needs of the company's business development, enhance the brand image and brand value of the company, improve the company's business development, and attract the high-end talent, laying a good foundation for the long-term development of the company. 4, the joint construction layout of the digital media, repulsion of the 660 million re purchase of three in the evening of June 8th, the joint construction of optoelectronic announcements, to associate with square de tower investment with RMB 200 million yuan to increase capital and buy some shares of the bear network, after this increase, the company holds a 13% stake in the tree bear network, the delta investment holds the bear. 20.33% shares of the network; Shenzhen City linkage culture Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "linkage investment") use its own funds to buy Xi'an green 100% equity, 200 million yuan increase in RMB and 100% shares of Shanghai Cheng Guang to three companies, layout digital transmission Medium. 5. It has been approved by CFIUS for the evening announcement of June 6th for the 4 billion purchase of the United States company. The NDRC, the Ministry of Commerce, the Commerce Department of Jiangsu, the United States Securities Regulatory Commission, the US Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS), the Federal Trade Commission of the United States, or the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are for record or approval. In addition, the record or approval of the MFLX shareholders' meeting, the State Administration of foreign exchange management and other relevant departments should be obtained. 6, Huaxia lustre plans to expand cultural media business in the evening of the late June 6th announcement, which is to be co funded with the Shenzhen Fuji tengjing partnership to set up a subsidiary company of Shenzhen billion screen interconnected Cultural Media Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. Among them, the Huaxia brilliance invested 12 million yuan, accounting for 60% of the registered capital, and the Fuji Tengen investment partnership invested 8 million yuan, accounting for 40% of the registered capital. In 2016, the "European Cup" LED screen enterprise in June the most hot key words, is the European Cup, this year, which LED display companies in the European Cup appearance? Look at it together. 1. After the Poland / Ukraine European Cup in 2012, Otto electronics continues to provide the 2016 French European Cup with a sports LED display system that meets the national standards of FIFA, UEFA and other national competitions, covering all venues in 10 cities in France. The LED display system around the oro stadium is tested. 2, zip optoelectronic used in the European Cup is that the fence next to the court comes from zip optoelectronics, not only to play commercials, but to replay the wonderful scenes on the field, revisit the classic, and let the ball sit in any position. Fans can all feel the intense atmosphere on the game. The zip optoelectronic LED stadium screen should be used in the European Cup 3. The large rebroadcast screen of Duke Guangxu light sun is installed near Eiffel Tower, with a total area of 130 thousand square meters of fan view. The entire screen consists of three products, including the color screen M series, the classic rental screen QE series, and the interactive floor tiles. Screen DF series, in the course of the competition, this big screen will live the whole race, and share the football feast with the fans all over the world. Light sun is installed at the LED big screen near Eiffel Tower

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