Crystal electricity adjust capacity, integrate resources, work hard to turn to profit
Source: Date:2018-08-07

In order to reduce the operating cost, the LED Lei crystal leading factory, in order to reduce the operating cost, will combine the broad gallium and the bright circle of the subsidiary in order to integrate the resources of the group. Crystal spokesman Zhang Shixian pointed out that the crystal wants to produce a better production by adjusting the capacity and integrating the resources. Product, turn loss to profit. Zhang Shixian said that the company's current strategy is to integrate resources, concentrated production line production, the second quarter revenue of 6 billion 540 million yuan (NTD), the first quarter growth of 8%, the third season with the peak season, plus capacity utilization, revenue has a further growth of space. According to the legal person, the third quarter of the crystal electricity will have the opportunity to end the deficit from loss to profit in the third quarter of the year, but it is necessary to make a significant contribution to the new product line after next year. In fact, the industrial use of infrared LED and high power applications, the full development of four yuan LED and car products this year, including LED display screen, automotive lighting and infrared products, in the first half of this year to play the role of supporting revenue and profit corner. At present, the four yuan MOCVD (organometallic chemical vapor deposition) machine is about 40 units, and the capacity is in full load. In order to expand the capacity and no additional capital expenditure, the crystal will change some blue light old machine to the four yuan machine, which is expected to be added to production in the third quarter and is expected to increase by four after production. The capacity of the yuan about 20~30%. As for blue light from last year's output reduction of 25%, MOCVD platform about 375, because blue light products accounted for the proportion of 70~80% revenue, with order back temperature, the current capacity utilization rate of more than 9, the legal person forecast third quarter gross margin has a chance to recover to 2 figures. In addition, the crystal is also actively developing new products, including the car market car lighting daylight products, is expected to have the opportunity to enter the new car supply chain in 2018.

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